Saturday, February 21, 2009

A New Beginning

So here is what I am thinking.

A private blog for me to track my weight, my daily look, and all the other little things I like to keep tabs on. And since this is private, why do I need to any put up a Mission Statement?? Well, just in case I decide to invite my sister or some friends to view this blog, just to keep me on track with the weight loss goals. Ugh. It's been so hard. Stacy and I both decided to "start the year right" and so far she has been really dedicated in both the eating and exercising debt and I just have not. I suck. But good for her, I am really proud of her.

I want to stop feeling gross. I want to exercise more, eat less (but better), really focus on taking good care of myself (my eczema is out of control), and not get slack on my appearance. I've put on 20 lbs since I met Rand almost a year ago and a lot of my clothes don't fit, so I've kinda stopped trying. Well no more!

Goals for Week 1:

  1. Eat fruit at breakfast and lunch, eat veggies at lunch and dinner. Every meal, no exceptions.
  2. 1800 calories per day, except Saturday which is date night.
  3. Make a meal plan for the week AND STICK TO IT!


  1. Take a casual walk with Rand around the neighborhood one day
  2. Go to Latin Spice class with Maria on Wednesday.
  3. Do one workout DVD at home.


  1. Plan 4 outfits for the week that are pulled together rather than thrown together.
  2. Slather on body lotion every night before bed.

Good Luck to Me!

Sadly, what am I off to do now? Eat a burger with Rand at a new place down the street - John's Cafe. I know you aren't supposed to do a big splurge before you "start" b/c really I am just supposed to be making lifestyle changes, not going n a diet. Whatever. I'm going to eat a burger, and fries, and quite possibly a milkshake if them have them. Let the chips fall where they may. I'll worry about it Monday.