Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I Wore While Drinking Wine on the Front Porch:

I bought this cream shirt on sale at Target last week. I am not sure how it was intended to be worn, but it is HUGE. Muumuu-esqe in fact. I bought I medium, and could have easily worn a small. And I am an XXL girl these days. And it was not attractive alone as a shirt, but with a belt is so sweet and demure. And I love how it is longer in the black, so it's flirty. Rand pointed out that that is probably the result of me "having so much in the front, making it short" rather than the intended styling of the shirt. Whatever, I like it!

And I took a tip from Kasmira and experimented with putting a brooch on the scarf that I wore as a belt. It really added a touch of class, I think.

  • sheer cream cap-sleeve shift w/ lace trim (Xhilaration/Target)
  • blue wide-leg slacks (Gap)
  • blue/white scarf (??)
  • cream/gold T-strap pumps (Santana)
  • pearl bracelet, 2 pearl necklaces (??)
  • pearl earrings (gift from grandma)

What I Ate After Drinking Wine on the Front Porch:

  • breakfast: 1 serving quinoa, 2 T Better'n Peanut Butter, 1 T dark chocolate raisinettes, 3/4 c strawberries, iced coffee w/ french vanilla coffe mate
  • lunch: open faced sandwich with turkey buddig, string cheese, & cauliflower/potato mash, 1 celery stalk
  • snacks: 1 SoyJoy, 2 cuties
  • dinner: penne w/ eggplant & tomatoes, side salad
  • dessert: 1/2 pocket bar Terra Nostra Goji Berry & Salt dark chocolate

Total for the Day: 1675 calories, 6 glasses of water


Maria said...

THis is my favorite outfit of the week. But it makes me feel like I never see you. :-(

Tina said...

You seem to prefer me in pants. Interesting...

We'll have a girl date soon. I need crafting and shopping and Maria approval of some things I purchased.