Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ooohh Sparkles!

What I Wore While Wondering If I'm Related To Liberace:

I won't deny it, in certain ways I am really girly. I like lace, and embroidery, and ....ooooh look at that! It's shiny!...uh sequins and stuff. I try very hard not to let too many of them into my wardrobe and I certainly try not too get too many into one outfit. Until today.

I decided to embrace two embellished pieces out of my closet and wear them together. I've had this sequined T in my closet for over a year now and I've never worn it since it's a little clingy, and I've got a lot to cling to - and not all of it in the right places. But this cute little embroidered (and beaded!) cardi I picked up for $1 at Goodwill hides a lot of that. And I think it hides the flashiness of the sequins. Well, I thought that until I saw myself shimmering in the elevator mirrors.

I tried this outfit with a belt too (you know how I love a belted cardi) but I felt like it detracted rather than added. I will say, this doesn't look as boxy in person as it does in the photo. The T clings enough that you can still see curves. yay! I hate looking like a linebacker, although they do wear shiny pants...hmmm....
  • black skirt (thrifted, George new at Goodwill)
  • grey heather long sleeve V-neck T with major sequins (Newport News)
  • grey embroidered cardi (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • saint charm necklace (The Vatican)
  • grey bead earrings (thrifted, Target new stock at Goodwill)
  • black buckle pumps (Nicole Miller)
What I Ate While Watching Swordfighting In the Park Across the Street:

What I Did for Exercise While Rand Stared RIGHT AT ME:

Kath always talks about getting up and doing yoga every morning, and who doesn't want to be like Kath, right? So, I downloaded 20 minutes of free yoga.

I've tried yoga many times. It's usually not pretty. So why did Rand have to sit there on the couch while I was trying to do it? He's never going to think I am sexy again after watching me try to grab my ankles and pull them over my head while grunted like a pig wallow in a mud hole. (We occasionally have pigs at the family ranch, so trust me when I say this is what I sounded like.)

Oh Kath, your food suggestions are divine. You are so amazing! Why did my awe of you lead me into this pig grunt mess? I bet you sound and look divine while flowing through all these moves. But Kath being the great person I suspect she is, suggested a couple of diferent downloads for me to try. So, I am not giving up! I'll try again next week. Thanks, Kath!

Totals for the Day: 1672 calories, 20 minutes of yoga


Honeybunches of Roses said...

I love how you didn't add color and made the sparkle the focal point. Good job!

Lmac said...

Loving your gray and black outfit! It's so neat! Thanks for sharing your yoga story, I'm sure your man will still find you sexy!

Hillary said...

I really tried yoga for about 3 months. After suffering throuhg it, I always left in a bad mood because I had a raging headache from the blood rushing to my head... Where was the inner peace they were all talking about? So, good luck to you. I hope it becomes much easier for you and you find your inner peace :-)

Kasmira said...

Oooh, I love the sparkles!

Joanna said...

I love the sparkles; I can never have enough either! And have you tried the yoga poses on Wii Fit? It's a pretty good way to get started without being overwhelming or ridiculous! I used to HATE yoga, but now I love it!

WendeeB said...

Very Nice. At first I didnt think I liked you in grey, but I went back and looked again and Yep, I do :) Another great outfit. Sparkles ROCK. (nice job on your diet btw)

Charlotte Sometimes said...

I just read through your blog so far.
I came here from another blog but now I can't remember which one... I really enjoyed your journey so far and you are doing well with your diet and exercise, it is so hard to change habits, much easier to fall back into bad habits.

Keep it up girl.

Tina said...

Joanna - I've tried the Fit and I agree, it's a nice basic starting point. I guess I was trying to do something "real" for my morning workout. Ha! Clearly I wasn't ready for something real.

WendeeB - Grey really isn't the best color on me, but it did look better than the pic shows. And I kinda feel like you shouldn't hide fom certain colors unless they look BAD on you. You know?

Charlotte - Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I am trying really ard, and I am trying also to be honest about the rough spots.

Everyone - Long live sparkles!!

Sheila said...

I'm all about shiny things and sparkles - I hear ya!