Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gimme My Dietgirl!!

I read. A lot. Due to space and monetary constraints, I now get all my books from the library rather than Amazon. Recently I put a book on request from the library and I've been waiting and waiting to get an email telling me to come pick it up. Finally today I went back online to check the status and I found out...GASP...they weren't going to send it until I paid some fines. I have been waiting for almost 3 weeks and I am sick of waiting, so I went to the library as soon as I got off from work today.

In case you are wondering, the book is The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl. A few months ago I discovered a blog by the same name. It's one of those blogs that is so witty and compelling that you go back and read it from the very beginning. I, ahem, most certainly did not do that at work, or during my reading with Rand in bed time. Ahem, no. Anyway, I WANT THAT BOOK!

I feel bad that I can't buy the book, b/c I would really like to support the author, but I am damn well gonna read that book, even if it does cost me $4.60 in fines. Man, buying the book is looking better and better. Stupid fines. But seriously, if you are trying to lose weight, go read her blog for inspiration. She's who made me realize I didn't have to wait until I was thin and in shape to go to Zumba or to hula hoop. She made me want to get out there and do stuff.

What I Wore While Paying Fines At the Library:

  • black pencil skirt (George/Walmart, new at Goodwill) $3 *
  • red tank (CAbi, thrifted Goodwill) $1
  • blue T (Old Navy) $5
  • blue/green/white plaid pumps ($9.99 Shoe Store) $7
  • red wicker purse (thrifted, Goodwill) $3
  • green necklace (Target, new stock Goodwill) $0.79
  • gold earrings (hand-me-down from Mom) free
  • mother of pearl & silvertone bracelet (Xmas gift from Stacy) free

* At first I felt like it might be cheating to wear the same skirt twice this week. I've really been trying to wear different items for my each of my $20 Challenge outfits. But then I realized that I wore this skirt twice last week too. So it's not like I did it just for the challenge. I just love this skirt.

What I Drank As Payment For Dog-sitting a Racoon Killer:

Maria went camping last weekend, so we watched her little dog. As payment for doing this, we get beer. I told Maria to pick something random. We ended up with Buffalo Butt Beer, which is made right here in Ft. Worth. It's a good thing she picked such an amusing beer after all the raccoon killing scariness that happened. Hi, Maria! We loved your choice! The beer was only so-so but the title and label more than made up for that.
Total for the Day: $19.79, F-ton of calories, no exercise


Sher said...

Watch out the library police have a wanted poster out for you! LOL!

Love your shoes :) And the colors in your tops are so vibrant.

Shauna said...

Ooh this entry was a kickass surprise! I've been stalking your blog since Kasmira linked to you and been thoroughly addicted ever since! I love your writing and feel inspired by your style.

Well as a starving author I know am meant to beg you to buy the book but I can totally understand in these credit crunchy times it's hard to find the dosh for books! I've been back down the library myself :) Anyway hope the library comes through for you soon and happy reading :)

Goober said...

LOVE the color combo of this outfit - such a happy color combination.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who pays lots of fines at the library :)

Jess said...

To accumulate $4.60 in fines, you must have been hoarding stacks of books for ages!

Hee hee! Great outfit- I especially love that necklace!

That is a particularly fine beer label. I've been known to pick wine that way.

Stacy said...

I love the beer label - that is awesome!!

I'm proud of you for getting out and doing stuff. You don't need to be skinny to live and have fun (you already knew that and did it anyway). I'm glad you can inspire more people with your blog now!

Lydia said...

So, it's confession time, and I must confess, I've not read your blog in a while because...well, I sort of lost it.

I would think of you often, but couldn't remember the name of your blog (pooh!) or where I had originally found it from (you know the blog roles on other people's blogs that you click to find the ones you really want...)

ANYWAY, I'm so glad I stumbled upon you again on The Daily Balance Fashion Friday post!!! Yay!!! I'm putting you on my reader, so I'll never lose you again! :-D

Tina said...

Sher, Goober, & Jess - Yep the library police were after me and Rand for out fines. We kept forgetting to renew books we had out. And we turned in a couple of movies late, so those cost us $1 each.

Shauna (aka Diet Girl for anyone who didn't know) - OMG I can't believe that you read my blog. It's like a brush with fame even though we haven't actually met. And I don't know if dosh is an Australian word or a Scottish word, but it sounds so hip and I wish I had enough of it to buy your book. In fact, now that you've said hello, I think I'm off to Amazon. Budget be damned! Wish I could make you sign it through the blog. ha!

Thanks, Stace! You inspire me all the time!

Lydia - welcome back!