Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can you spare a vowel?

I only worked for a few hours today, so Rand and I had lots of quality time together. We played some frisbee and then some Scrabble. It was a really good game - very close. I won. :)

What I Wore Before Playing SCRABBLE:

  • wrap dress (NY& Co.)
  • blue tank (Target)
  • brown leather pumps (Manolo Blahnik, thrifted Goodwill)
  • starburst brooch (Lula B's Antique Mall)
  • stone earrings (hand-me-down, Magnolia)
  • champagne pearl choker, extended by me (charity shop)

What I Ate That Was Burned:

We tried another new recipe tonight: Herbed Pasta Primavera. Sadly, after I drained the pasta, I put it back in the pot with the lid on to stay warm. But I forgot to turn the burner off, so I burned all the pasta on the bottom. I didn't feel like taking the 20 minutes to make more pasta, so I gave Rand the good pasta and I ate the burned stuff. It wasn't bad, actually. I really liked his recipe, but Rand thought it was bland...and lacking meat. I would love to make it again, but he would prefer to pass, but he always eats everything with such good grace, so he won't put up a fuss if I cook it again.

Total for the Day: 2135 calories, no exercise, no water UH OH!


Diana said...

I love the pattern on that dress and the pearls are a perfect touch!

Herbee said...

You can't say you didn't get any exercise...playing frisbee IS exercise! You were moving around, bending, running, using your arms! : )
And next time you make the pasta primavera, cook up some chicken and Rand can add that to his portion!
Super cute outfit and I LOVE that brooch!

eednic said...

i love scrabble. i especially love what was once termed Scrabulous on Facebook but then they got sued and had to change it up some but it's essentially the same and it's called Wordscraper and this sentence lost its bearings a long time ago so i give up on it. You should come play Wordscraper with me on Facebook because it is fun times, and not "live," so you can play a move and come back to the game later (even days or months later). (though i'd prefer not to be waiting MONTHS). ha!

Work With What You've Got said...

Love that dress!~ And I will eat that pasta with you. It looks really fresh and amazing.

Struggler said...

Sorry about your pasta, that's awful when you take time to make a dish and it goes wonky at the last minute.

Wanted to let you know, the broccoli came out fab, thanks so much! I was impressed how fast it was - very easy to do.

Milly said...

love the pattern on your dress...cute

Mariposa said...

oh i hate it when i do stuff like that with dinner!
i say add a piece of meat to the recipe and put it on the side so Rand can have some meat! I know my TT doesnt like food without meat- and i prefer mine without it at all!!
but i do the same thing with food that i burn.. we ladies are always the martyrs arent we?

Kari said...

That dress is so pretty and flattering. I love the pattern and coloring!

Your dinner makes my mouth water even though I'm not hungry. I didn't eat especially great during the day, but I did get in my nine fruit/veggie servings, and I had lots of dark leafy salad with nuts and fruit, grilled chicken breasts, rice pilaf, and cheese for dinner.

Tina said...

Thanks, Diana!

Herbee - Good point! Although there wasn't much running...

eednic - Scrabbulous disappeared just as I became acquinted with facebook. Sadly I am almost never on FB or I would totally play scrabble with you!

Erin - it really was very light and summery. If you want the recipe, I am happy to share.

Struggler - Iam so glad you liked the roasted broc. I have found that it's an easy way to get Rand to eat veggies that he doesn't like. So far, everything that I roasted he has loved, even if he said he hated that veggie before.

Milly - thanks! It was one of those random purchases from dropping into a store I never go to. Serendipity!

Mariposa - why do we do that? I know that he wouldn't really care if I shared the burned part with him. I guess I want him to think I am a good cook, which is silly since we cook together. If it's good, we made it. If it's bad, we still made it, right?

Kari - way to go! Sometimes it is really hard to get all the fruits and veggies in.