Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Did He Really Call Me Fugly?

I was enthralled with Kasmira's take on Archibald Maximilion's scarf and necklace combo. Rand was less enthralled. The words frumpy, fugly, and detachable head were thrown around. A lot. He was still yelling "FUGLY" at me as I was pulling out of the driveway. LOL. I think fugly is a bit strong, but I agree that it's not the best result for me. I don't have Kasmira's long slender neck. You can't win them all.

What I Wore While Copying Kasmira:

  • purple faux wrap dress (Old Navy)
  • black/purple/blue/red/yellow paisley scarf (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • goldtone large link necklace (via Macy's)
  • goldtone multistrand oval link necklace (via Macy's) *
  • goldtone wrap necklace (H&M) *
  • red crocodile pumps (ann marino)
  • maroon seed pearl bracelet (gifted from a friend)
  • indian earrings (stolen from a friend)

* I did get things straigtened out at work so that these necklaces actually showed.

What I Wore to Gloria's for Dinner:

  • blue plaid skirt (Target)
  • pink T shirt (Target)
  • blue flip flops (Old Navy)
  • butterfly earrings (Dots, gift)

We went to Gloria's for dinner, since we still don't have a stove. I had corn tortillas, guacamole, black beans, and a pork pupusa. The picture didn't save. oh and 2 mojitos.

Today's Bar on Trial:

Bear Valley Meal Pack, sesame lemon. 205 calories for 1/2 bar. This baby was de-ense, and very thick, so don't be fooled into thinking that 1/2 bar was a rip. Also, I could pronounce and recognize all the ingredients; the most "unusal" of which was lemon extract, so obviously a nice natural bar. However it had very little fiber (only 2 grams) which makes me think that it wouldn't hold me over very well. I ate it with the rest of my afternoon snack/meal: an apple and string cheese. The flavor was okay. Every once in a while I got a nice ginger goopy spot, but not enough to keep the taste buds tingling. I would eat this again, but I don't know that it's my fave. At $1.65/bar, with each bar counting as 2, it's a much better price than everything else I've been eating.

The Exercise That Sleep Stole:

I woke up at 4:30 am and decided it was too early to get up, but that I would relax for a bit and then get up and do a 2 mile walk with my extra time. Of course what that means is that I fell asleep right before I was going to get up and had no time to walk at all. Of course.

Totals for the Day: 7 glasses of water, 2389 calories, no exercise.


Kasmira said...

To get my scarf to lie flat, I tied the ends in front, over the "bib." That REALLY helped. Plus, my necklace is pretty heavy. And finally, I have sewn metal buttons and attached tassels to the corners, so that gives the scarf some extra weight and helps it drape better.

eednic said...

Fugly? Is he nutso facto? He must be. Tell him I said so. NUTSO FACTO. (I made that up myself many moons ago).

I must say I quite like your combo here: the purple dress, vibrant scarf, red shoes (which, of course, I covet). So THERE!

Anonymous said...

What is that crazy Rand thinking?? No way is this fugs!! Love the purple dress and the scarf/necklace is a great finishing touch.

Work With What You've Got said...

LOL. No no, Rand.

I kind of like it. That dress is totally stunning on you. It highlights ALL the good stuff. Oh yeah. Smokin.

And I respect that you stole those earrings. I would never have the balls. Ha!~

Kaylyn said...

I LOVE those butterfly earrings. They are adorable.

Struggler said...

Ouch, fugly is indeed a bit strong. But at least you are the proud owner of that beautiful purple dress - it's lovely and looks great on you.

Tina said...

Thanks for the advice, Kasmira.

eednic and Kimberly - I tried to tell Rand that people from the blog liked it and he then asked "how many people read your blog? And how many said they like it? That means all those other people don't like it." LOL

Erin - well I borrowed them and just kept not returning them (and reminding her that I wasn't returning them, so she could demand them back) until finally we just agreed that I now owned them since clearly I liked them more than she did.

Kaylyn - thanks!

Struggler - well he does like the dress at least. In fact, he requested that I wear it on our next date.

CoCo said...

hm, i have just recently embraced scarf wearing after my sister started doing it about a year ago (at first i made fun...now i copy). what i like to do is wear it a bit looser around the neck so that it isn't quite so old west bandit-y. also, i'm a big fan of oversized scarves...they allow you to do the loose thing in a way that smaller scarves don't. ...but to ramble on a bit longer, short scarves are often visually more stunning--I think prints on small scarves usually trump those on the larger ones. agh, i toss-up.

at any rate, i'm into it.

Jess said...

Tell Rand the internets think he's being mean!

I love the combination of all the pieces, but think the scarf here would look better if you showed some of your neckline. It all looks so good together though!

Have I mentioned I want to come twirl around in your shoe closet? Seriously woman, you have some great shoes!

Tina said...

Coco - I have to agree. I have some stunning scarves with amazing vibrant patterns, but they are small and difficult to do much with. They sadly are usually relegated to purse decoration rather than personal adornment.

Jess - done. He disagrees. LOL. Thanks, I must admit that my shoe shrine makes me smile on a regular basis.