Sunday, June 28, 2009

Horses & Laptops

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. My computer decided to try to commit suicide. While I was at work on Thursday, Rand sent me a picture of it - it had actually melted. It looks like the fan failed and it overheated. The odd thing was that it was turned off at the time. It's a good thing I was suckered into purchasing an extended warranty on it. Now I just have to find time to take it in to get repaired. Until then, I have limited access to Rand's computer.

What I Wore While My Computer Melted:

  • maroon.white striped shortsleeve blouse (Target, thrifted new Goodwill)
  • marron satin pleated tank (Target)
  • black skirt (George/Walmart, thrifted new Goodwill)
  • black satin flats (via Kohls)
  • grey geomatric necklace (Rainbow)
What I Ate Until The Delivery Nightmare Occurred:

I'm not even going to get into everything that happened, but it involved accidently giving the delivery guy an extra $50, getting the wrong food delivered, getting too much money back from the delivery guy, getting delivery from another restaurant, and lots of stuff in between. As a result there is no picture of dinner.
  • breadkfast: cereal w/ Almond Breeze and blueberries
  • lunch: big salad and watermelon
  • snack: banana, Cliff bar, and a tangerine
  • dinner: quesadilla

What I Followed Around the Block:

Still inspired by Stacy and Sheila, I braved 100 degrees and no shade for a short walk before lunch. Since it's so hot, I only walked 1/2 mile. But I had the uh pleasure (?) of walking behind some horse cops for quite a bit of that. Just what you want to stare at, right?


Brooke said...

Sorry to hear about your computer. :( That's so frustrating.

On the plus side, I love the pink-on-pink and the different textures you're wearing.

Diana said...

That sucks about your computer. I hope it gets fixed soon.

On the other hand, I love your necklace.

eednic said...

love the maroons you're wearing! sorry to hear your computer performed seppuku on itself.

Beth said...

LOVE your necklace! At least the horses made your walk somewhat entertaining!

Sher said...

Sorry to hear about your computer :( Hope you can get it up and running again.

I don't think I'd like that view during lunch LOL! Especially worried if they left something behind...

Kari said...

That is awful! Good for you for having the foresight to purchase an extended warranty. I hope that you get a replacement soon.

On the upside, you look(ed) adorable. I love the textural variation of your top & blouse right next to each other. That color is so pretty against your skin.

Tina said...

Brooke - thanks! Rand isn't too happy about the computer either b/c I keep trying to steal his.

Diana - thanks! It's one of those pieces that I picked up b/c I loved it, but I've found it difficult to wear. I'm not sure why. Maybe b/c I don't want to wear the matching earrings it came with but I don't really have any other coordinating jewelry?

eednic - thanks!

Beth - thanks! Yes, the horses at least gave me something to look at. Although I don't think the cops liked that I took a pic of them.

Sher - Thankfully, they didn't leave any deposits for me to navigate around.

Kari - thanks! Since the outfit it pretty conservative, I think you are right that the texture really helps.