Friday, July 31, 2009

Guest Blogger - Tracy, Part II

While I was out of town for a romantic getaway weekend, Tracy was getting this great post together for us. Be prepared for shoes, glorious shoes!!


I want to thank the people who commented on my guest post last week, you are all so nice! And I must admit I got a kind of goofy thrill when Diana and Sher left comments as I read their blogs and love their style!

Well, the heat and humidity of summer have finally come to MA, which means I am able to wear some of my cute summer clothes. The winter lasts soooo long here, I dream of spring and summer and of wearing cute dresses and sandals. My winter wardrobe consits of jeans everyday (except for church) with long sleeved t's and cute cardi's and boots. Not cute boots either, heavy-duty-keep-your-feet-warm-walk-in-snow boots. Fall finds me in jeans as well but usually slightly boho tops with a jeans jacket and long thick cardis. I can't really break out the summer clothes much before May and will layer with t's and cardi until the hot weather sets in. My style really changes for each season (as does my mood-HA) and I'm glad I am able to guest post at this time of year!

I saw this maxi dress at Target last night, on sale, so I grabbed it. It was too long but I just cut about 4 inches off the bottom. I don't plan on hemming it as unfinished hems are in and as its jersey, I think it would be too hard. I don't think it's noticab;e eithr as it's so long. I remeber wearing maxi dreses in the 70's when I was little, my mom and older sis more so, and I think they are so cute. I think even tough I have short legs and am just 5'4' I don't look too Stubby McStubbypants--at least that's what my mom and sis told me. I also think I look better in person, but I always think that, I hate myself in photos! I have issues w/my arms and found these great layering Ts at Old Navy last year. I like that they are low in front and back, I think it looks better with summer dresses.

What I Wore While Squinting Into the Sun:

  • T-shirt (Old Navy, summer 2008)
  • Maxi Dress (Target, yesterday)
  • Sandals (Steve Madden copy from Target, summer 2009)
  • Blacelet (Target, Sring 2009)
  • Earrings (made by me)
  • Necklace (gift from mom from a little boutique in Duxbury, MA called Marmaids )
  • Headband (bottom of dress that I cut off-lol)

Since I am not on a diet (YET-WW will be seeing me next week) I thought I would share my collection of sandals since people seemed to love my sandals last week (thank you).

I'm a little bit of a shoe whore; it's a fat girl thing I think.

  • The first 2 pics (black and whit, green and fuchsia) are Steve Madden knock offs I got at Target this year. So comfy I bought 'em in four colors! (I admit to being somewhat of a Miss Matchy-matchy Gal).
  • The orange pair I got at Payless a 2 years ago and i heart them sooo much. The black beaded ones I wore last week. These are my 2 fav pairs.
  • The brown and red I wear the least as they are the least comfy. Brown are from Payless, red from Walmart (I think) both a few years old, the brown has a bit of a wedge.
  • The brown beaded I love and wear a lot, Payless 2007, white I love too but have never worn! I got them off season at Payless 2 years ago and forgot I had them! I have another pair of white sandals I have worn to death over the past 4 years, maybe that's why I haven't worn the others.

I want to Thank Tina for the opportunity to be a guest on her blog. I love reading real people style bogs and now I can appreciate them so much more. It takes guts to post a pic of yourself on the internet, especially if you are not a size 8. And it is work just taking all the pics and writing , never mind formatting it all on a blog. So, thanks to Tina and all the other bloggers out there--you guys rock!


It's been great having you as a guest blogger for the past two weeks. Thanks for being such a good sport. A good sport with a great sandal collection!


The other Tina said...

Hi Tracy! I agree with you! It is nice to find a blog that isn't about a size two. I am the same size (it seems) as you and Tina, so this blog is refreshing! With that said, I love your shoe collection!!! I have to say that I would spend most of my money on accessories (purses were my weakness) since I felt that I did not "deserve" cute clothes or that " I shouldn't spend money on anything nice in case I lose weight" Tina's blog has motivated me to dress better and lose weight! Thanks to you both!!

The other Tina said...

Oh, and your dress is HOT!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

Sorry, having a little computer problem, not sure if this is going to re-post twice but:

Great idea on the headband, didn't know you cut the dress and it looks cool, plus I have never worn a maxi dress but with the layering piece it makes me want to get one now.


Anonymous said...

I admire anyone, of any size, who is brave enough to post pictures of themselves and their fashion choices for all the world to see and comment! Love all your sandals, you look great!

Anonymous said...

I love your sandals... I am also a shoe girl! You look great! Way to pull off a Maxi dress. :)

Jess said...

Ooooh- I have major sandal envy! I just this past weekend bought my first two pair of cute flat sandals and am loving them!

I could not tell the dress is cut- and it's totally cute with the layering tee. That kind of top really calls for an underpinning for most women.

I have found that when I take some time and put a little effort into my daily apparel, I look and feel like I am a much smaller size versus wearing baggy, unflattering clothes. It really does make a huge difference.

Lesa said...

Yikes, love the starfish and every single pair of your shoes. I wish I could wear a longer length dress, but I am too short. Nice to see you!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

loooove the seahorse necklace! hooray for summer finally coming to MA, indeed :D