Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Attack of the Faux Bangs

Today I spent most of the day with my Mom. She came into town so we could pick out wedding invitations. When I asked her what I thought about my faux bangs, all she said was that they used to do the same thing when she was young. What do you think about me with bangs? I'm pretty sure that I look better without bangs, but you can't go through life with the same haircut you had since high school. Sometimes you just have to shake it up. I really want a change, but every time I've had bangs before they were bad b/c my hair is so wavy and frizzy. I wonder if having heavier bangs might work. Anyway, it's highly unlikely that I would do anything drastic like cut bangs right now since I've got the wedding coming up, but you never know what I might do when I come back from the honeymoon. So I would love to hear your opinion about bangs as an option for my face.

What I Wore While Picking Out Wedding Invitations:

  • blue tank (Target)
  • green wrap sweater (Target)
  • blue floral skirt, shortened (thrifted, Goodwill)
  • earrings (I can't remember)
  • black leather sandals (Truflex)
  • faux bangs (yours truly)
  • golden snitch necklace (Love Erin Designs) *

* yes I am a total Harry Potter geek. I may have screamed and jumped up and down a little when Erin said she was going to start making these necklaces. Shhh don't tell anyone that I'm that geeky. Ok who am I kidding? Everyone already knows.

What I Ate That Was Mostly Cooked By Other People:

  • breakfast: scrambled egg with jalapenos, onions, and Laughing Cow cheese (prepared by Rand), alternative bagel, cantaloupe
  • lunch: original sandwich and side salad (Chick-fil-A)
  • snack: string cheese, cantaloupe, Cliff Z bar
  • dinner: BBQ Beef Cups (made by Rand again), roasted broccoli, pink lemonade


Still nothing b/c my calves are even worse today. Lazy day for Tina!

Total for the Day: 32.5 points (5.5 points from Weekly Allowance), no exercise


Kasmira said...

I LOVE the faux bangs! Could you just continue this style instead of actually snipping? Or do they come loose and fall in your face?

Tina said...

Kasmira - They stayed pretty well, but I had to be careful not to touch my hair or shove my sunglasses up on my head.

Jess said...

I did the whole faux bang thing for a while to ease myself towards the transition to real bangs. I have thick, unruly curly hair, so I was a little scared of getting bangs, but I *love* them. They're thick and sideswept, and take only a few extra minutes to style straight even if I'm wearing my hair curly. :-)

I love the golden snitch necklace! One year Erin went as a golden snitch for Halloween and it was a totally brilliant costume. LOL Nothing wrong with being an HP dork!!

Work With What You've Got said...

I kind of like the bangs, BUTTA, if you can FAKE them, why cut them? Am I right? If you keep it long it's like two, two, two, hairstyles in one!~

That bbq beef cup thingy looks AMAZING.

And also I love the shoes.

BAM said...

The bangs look cute on you. Go for it!

{plus you can always grow it back out}

Jess said...

Woah- fake bangs! That's pretty neat! I think they're pretty fun. I think they make you look younger, though I thought you looked quite good before. What I mean is younger is not necessarily better, just different.

Anywho, I like the earrings and am of course completely jealous of your golden snitch necklace!

Charlotte Sometimes said...

I think you look better without bangs but if you cut then regret it they do grow out pretty fast anyway.

I'm cutting mine soon again as I suit better with them but I've left them to grow for the last 6 months. I've had enough now as I can't work out a good way to style my hair without bangs.

Have you set a date for the wedding?

Brooke said...

I also think you look better without bangs - they're very young-looking. But then, maybe I'm still prejudiced because of my horrible 8th-grade 80's bangs!

Lorena said...

I like your bangs !
I had mine cut about 2 years ago... and have not let them grow since.
Bangs are easy to style and if your hair is yucky you can always put it up and just wash your bangs.. dry ém and voila´! (That´s me at least once a week!)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, don't be afraid to cut bangs. I was for a long time, but then I just decided to go for it. I have fairly heavy, thick bangs that come to just below my brows (anything higher can look dorky on some people). The options are endless. Wear them straight across, side sweep them, pin them back, hold them back with a head band, etc. Everyone is so scared to get bangs but trust modernizes your look so much. Even a plain old ponytail looks more polished, and like you gave more effort, when you have bangs! I say live a little, go for it!

Work With What You've Got said...

I just have to counter Anon and say that while it worked out got her, it was the dumbest thing I ever did. I hated them.

Kari said...

I actually like your bangs the way they are now! I've heard that cutting bangs with wavy hair can be pretty risky, but since your hair isn't actually curly-curly, I wonder if smoothing your bangs with a flatiron would help?

Pretty green wrap and earrings!

Goober said...

I prefer you without bangs. That said, having had bangs of all lengths I will say as long as you do long bangs they are fairly painless to grow out. And it is amazing how much bangs can change up your whole look.

Sher said...

I say leave them long and fake it every now and then when you want the look.

MissAmy said...

I think the bangs look nice on you! I have similarly textured hair & the last bangs I've gotten have been working - but they look best if I flat iron them. I think I'm growing them out - the hairdresser this last time did them weird so I can't wait till they're longer again.

Anyway, I've been missing you! My feed reader wasn't pulling your feed! And then today it decided to & there were 26 posts I had missed. Naughty feed reader! XOXO, MissAmy

Askew To You said...

The faux bangs look great. I'd stick with them because then you've got more options. :)

Love the necklace.

Mrs. H said...

Do you have a somewhat healthy recipe for the bbq beef cups? The ones I found online weren't all that hip friendly! lol It looks like something dh and I would like to try!



Tina said...

Jess - Erin was telling me about that when we went to dinner last week. It sounded awesome. I believe that all Halloween costumes should be homemade.

Charlotte - thanks for the input. I think I look better without them too. We're getting married April 2010. Rand has already accused me of fashion blogging during our honeymoon. ha!

Brooke - is young a bad thing? As in too young for my age?

Lorena - thanks for your opinion. I hate washing my hair. I only do it 2x week.

Anon - thanks! You are right about the ponytail - looks so much more polished with bangs.

Erin - yeah, I've hated it every time I have cut them. So why am I considering this?? I'm bored.

Kari - Good suggestion about the flat iron. Too bad I am so lazy. I hate doing my hair.

Heather - thanks! And you have wavy hair too. hmm. This decision is getting tough.

Sher - good point! fake = fabulous??

MissAmy - oh no! I hope you had a stern talking to with your reader. :)

AskewToYou - thanks! I'm getting more and more excited about the fake bangs as a good middle option.

Sherry - I'm very sorry to say that I don't have a very healthy option for the BBQ Beef Cups. It's a Rand Recipe, so it's not diet friendly. We have made it "regular" and we've made it "diet" and both taste about the same. For "diet" we use longhorn beef (it's lower in calories than turkey, but hard to come by. I get it from my parents. But low fat beef or ground turkey would help). And I use the lower calories/low fat biscuits, low caloried BBQ sauce, and non-fat shredded cheddar. It's still a higher calorie meal, but not the end of the world. I usually eat 2 of them and a ton of veggies. It's very filling.