Friday, August 14, 2009

Bloggers Dinner

Erin and I met up at my favorite bar to grab dinner and so I could pick up some jewelry I bought from her. She looked gorgeous and I was totally jealous of her fab dress. If I was about 60 lbs lighter there might have been a catfight as I tried to steal it right off her body. Oops, did I just admit that outloud? Anyway, she and I discussed fashion, blogs, and even the possibility of a Dallas clothing swap. More on that soon.

What I Wore While Hangin' With Erin:

  • black pencil skirt (George/Walmart, thrifted new Goodwill)
  • grey pintucked blouse (Old Navy)
  • asian inspired scarf, worn as a belt (gift from Maria)
  • red leather heels (Ann Marino)
  • grey/silvertone earrings (Target, thrfited new Goodwill)
  • silvertone/black bead brooch (thrifted Goodwill)
What I Ate While Being Attacked By Office Goodies:

  • breakfast: glazed donut, barley pumpkin sludge
  • lunch: chicken sandwich, celery, carrots, cantaloupe
  • snack: Cliff Z bar, small banana, another donut - this time a cake donut
  • dinner: smoked salmon sandwich, side salad w/ feta, Franconia (a local beer)

Two different people brought baked goods to the office today. Ugh. First there were donuts, fresh yummy donuts. And then came homemade banana muffins. I knew I had room to spare for one donut so I had one with breakfast, and I ignored the muffins even though the baker kept telling me "they're low-fat. Have one." But then the afternoon came and the guy who sits next to me (I mean his mousepad is about 3 inches from my waterbottle, we are THAT close.) just kept eating donuts. He had 5 of them throughout the course of the day. And I gave in and had a second one. I did modify the rest of my day to help accomodate, even giving up a second beer that I had planned to have at dinner. I still had to use a few of my flex points. But since it wasn't an uncontrolled activity I don't feel too bad about it. Not the best choice, but I didn't have them instead of veggies or fruit or anything healthy.

What I Did While Still in My Work Clothes:

So far so good with the work walking. My friend and I went twice again today, once on a longer route, and I went for a walk myself too. All in all, I walked 1.75 miles while at work. I love it! I get out of the office and I get some exercise in, and it's not a pain. Of course, we're not walking fast enought ot get my heart rate going, but we are getting our butts out of our chairs.

Total for the Day: 34 points (6 Weekly points used), 1.75 miles walking (2 activity points earned)


Work With What You've Got said...

I did not see you take a pic at dinner! Ha!~

You looked great, that pencil skirt fits like a glove. Perfect.

Tina said...

Erin - I cheated. I forgot to take a pic so that's one from the last time I was there. I always eat the same thing.

Work With What You've Got said...

Bwhahahha. OK then. Cheat accepted.

Linda said...

AS I read this I am staring at a plate FULL of goodies and cupcakes in the next room!
I found your blog via're sassy!

Sandra said...

Tina, you look terrific. I like the entire outfit! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

You look like you have taken off a few pounds. You have a Dallas clothes swap and I will come out of lurking for sure! I have so many things that need to be in a swap. I am always planning to get back in to them. Some have tags on them!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

you are looking good my dear. I'm in So. Cal..anybody interested in a clothing swap? LOL

Sher said...

Very sexy in your pencil skirt!

Anonymous said...

Hi girl.
My name is Irene and I'm writing from Denmark.

Thank you for your wonderful, I will be a religious follower. Blogs for Plus girls are hard to come by.

Being obese( I'm 117kg heavy and only 167cm tall), it's hard to find clothes that fit in Scandinavia. I often have to either import from the UK or pay huge import taxes to buy stuff from the US.
So it's nice to be inspired to work with what I already have got.

How do you manage to walk in high heels?

Please advice, I would like to wear heels but my feel usually can't carry me after 5 minutes.

The other Tina said...

love the outfit and I'm with you! I would like to snatch Erin's dress off of her!!! That dress is so pretty!! I'm so mad! Before I found your blog, I donated bags of nice clothing to Goodwill...I would have loved to have carted them to Dallas for a clothing swap!!

The other Tina said...

Hey, I ran into Walgreens today and saw dried cherries! Thought you might be interested!

Kari said...

Mmm, your lunch looks delicious!

Tina, you wear scarves as belts so well. I haven't figured out how to do it yet. How do you fasten the loose ends? Do you tuck/pin them in, or do you tie them at the back?

Love your cute red shoes!

BAM said...

oh oh! Yes to a clothing swap...I'd even consider making the long IH-45 hike from Houston.


Sheila said...

Tina, you look awesome! And good for you for maintaining your work-time walking! I usually do a 1/2 hour walk at work as well - it's slow, but at least I'm moving!

Amy@ What Do I Eat Now? said...

i love this outfit!!! it looks so nice! the flowered belt looks great!!!

Tina said...

Linda - stay strong! Office goodies are so hard to resist. Welcome to the blog! Thansk for saying hi.

Sandra - thanks!

Irene - Hi! Thanks for following my blog. I understand about having a hard time with clothes. Even though so much of the US is overweight, it can still be a challenge to find things here. So I definitely try to use what I already have in as many ways as possible. If I can do it, so can you. Reading daily fashion blogs has given me so many ideas, so I hope that you get ideas too.

As far as walking in high heels, I will say a few things. It is harder when you are heavier b/c you have so much more weight on the ball of your feet. So starting out with good quality shoes makes a huge difference. Also, I started with very low heels and worked my way up over 20 years. And don't be fooled - I don't wear sky high heels every day, and on the days that I do wear them I pay attention to what I am going to be doing. I keep flip flops at my desk to walk around the block. I often keep a pair of moccasins in the car to drive. And if I am going to be doing a lot of walking, I wear flats. Plus, I wear flats to work about twice a week to give my feet a break.

The Other Tina - Thanks for the advice about Walgreens, I'm going to go look for dried cherries on my way home. I love them in oatmeal. Yum!

Kari - I do lots of differnt things with scarves as belts. Sometimes I let them hang in the back (like today). And other times I tuck them, or gather the ends and use a brooch to make a point of interest.

BAM - Wow! That's a long way to come for a swap.

Sheila - Slow is definitely how my worktime walks go too. I'm not sure how hot it is up there right now, but it's pushing 100 here everyday so it's really hard not to get too sweaty.

Amy - thanks!