Monday, November 9, 2009

Realtors Galore

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "You look really good today." I was bending over when he said this, so I don't think he was really talking about my outfit. "I think I look like a realtor from the 80s." "Yeah, you kinda do. You look good though." LOL

So I was a realtor and then we met a realtor Monday night who took us around to look at some rental houses in our area. We saw some really nice places. Man, I have got the new house bug bad.

What I Wore While Showing Looking At Houses:

2009-11-09 combo

  • black cotton dress (Gap)
  • green jacket (Goodwill)
  • green/orange/blue sating scarf, worn as bracelet (Goodwill)
  • orange necklace and earrings (birthday gift from future sis-in-law)
  • green loafers (Discount Shoe Store)

What I Ate B/C It Was Too Late Too Cook:

2009-11-09 food

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, alternative bagel, 1/2 apple
  • lunch: 3 oz pork chop, spinach, carrots, 1/2 apple, cheddar cheese stick
  • snack: yoplait yogurt, Yotta bar
  • dinner: 3 slices of olive pizza


20 pushups


laniza said...

I agree with Rand. You look lovely in green :).

eednic said...

nah girl! realtors don't EVEN look as good as you!

Work With What You've Got said...

Love this. I love the scarf, and I know I get all pissy when people say this, but I could never carry that off. :p

Tina said...

lanzia - thanks!

Cindee - LOL. Thanks!

Erin - ha! You and I def have very different style, so I know what you are saying.