Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Missing My Honey

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: Sadly, I have no idea. He's been in Chicago on business this week, so I haven't seen him. But he reads the blog, so maybe if I bug him, he'll tell me what he think about this outfit in the comment section. Hey, Rand! I miss you! And, uh, what do you think about what I am wearing? There's no pressure to be witty. I promise no on else will know what you said. Okay everyone, be really quiet and maybe he won't notice that there are other people reading this blog. AHAHAHAHAHA

What I Wore While Missing Rand:

2009-12-08 combo

(forgive the bad photo. There was literally no other place I could get a photo b/c of all the boxes everywhere)

  • orange crochet tank (Old Navy)*
  • blue/cream wrap dress (Target)
  • sand belted cardi with sheer ruffle trim (swap)
  • brown flats (Old Navy)
  • goldtone/blue brooch, worn as a necklace (via Goodwill)
  • gold earrings (hand-me-down from Mom)

* I adore this tank. I originally bought it in two colors, but when I found this orange one in Goodwill, I had to have it too. I love how the crochet trim adds a little somthing, but isn't too girly since it's not lace. I'm going to be quite sad when these finally bite the dust.

What I Ate While Maria Watched Me Pack:

2009-12-08 food

  • breakfast: brownie Z bar (Clif kids), 3 cuties
  • lunch: wild rice, pork, and mixed veggies in a jar (leftovers from fridge), apple
  • snack: pumpkin pie yogurt (Stoneyfield)*, graham crackers (leftover from Jason's Deli)
  • dinner: pizza (Pizza Hut) **

* I was really excited about this yogurt, but it was just weird. It has a really off flavor. I even checked to be sure it was in date range. I've had Stonyfield before and I don't remember it being weird, so maybe it's just this flavor. I've got a blueberry one in the fridge so we'll see tomorrow.

** I know, I know. I'm embarassed to put that up there, but I'm not going to lie about what I ate. I had pizza while I packed. I've already packed my pots and pans and my options are limited. I know I could have had something healthier, but man it was good!

Exercise: 20 pushups

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TexNYQueen said...

I'm sorry you're missing your honey...hopefully, he'll be home soon.

I see great minds think alike - I have that same dress (thrifted from GW). Hmmm, now to hunt high and low for the tank. I hope you dont mind me "borrowing" ideas. Thanks!

Kelly said...

That necklace is soooooo pretty

K said...

I love the sheer trim on the sweater. I hope you're having fun packing! So many people get so stressed out by it, but just remember you're moving to an awesome house and this is a great chance to make sure you love all the things you own and get rid of things you don't need. Yay moving!!

Melrose said...

i love that sweater! I'm a sucker fr knits...
and please tell me that jar is full of spicy eggplant :) mmm mmm mmm

Style Artisan said...

Hi Tina. I just found your blog and it is so much fun. I love that you include your husband's commentary. I especially love that you are in Dallas...I grew up there. What I would give for Snuffer's to open in Atlanta!!!

The Bargainista said...

Love the look today, that dress is fab! I have those same shoes and ADORE them!! I need to find another pair on ebay because mine are going to fall apart if I wear them anymore! :)

Tina said...

LeShaune - if you have that same dress, you MUST take a pic of yourself wearing it and send it to me. I've been thinking that I need to do a post of a whole bunch of people all wearing the same thing, and I've considered this dress as the item. Are you game?

Kelly - thanks! IT's a brooch that I put on a chain.

K - It's been great to get rid of stuff as we pack, but we're getting so short on time that I've just started throwing things in boxes. Sigh.

Melrose - thanks! The jar is full of wildrice, pork, and green beans.

Style Artisan - Hey! I'm glad you commented! Don't even get me started on Snuffer's cheese fries. Love 'em.

Barganista - Thanks! I used to have the shoes in black too, but I stepped in wet cement one day. Oops.

TexNYQueen said...

@Tina - I'm game. I'll send you the photo next week. What great fun.

B/C Changeover said...

I also like the little touch of the crochet on the tank. Pretty!

I eat Stonyfield yogurt pretty much every day and love it, but I usually stick to either plain or vanilla. I'll definitely stay away from pumpkin pie. Thanks for the warning!