Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tina's Taxi Service

A little more pattern mixing today. And that's about it. Honestly, I'm too tired to think of anything to say. Sorry!

What I Wore While Running To the Airport:

2009-12-10 combo

  • maroon short sleeve blouse (Old Navy)
  • orange cardi (via Clotheshorse Consignment)
  • multicolored skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • maroon tights
  • leopard ponyhair flats (Steve Madden)
  • brooch (Etsy)
  • orange earings (b-day gift)

This --------> is me jumping for joy that Rand is coming home from Chicago tonight. Yay!!!! (Nice and blurry, huh?)

Don't forget to sign up for the Perricone giveaway! The last day to enter is Sunday.


Lesa said...

you wear this color so well! glad Rand is coming home!

The Bargainista said...

lovely outfit! and I got a blurry photo today too...not by choice however! LOL Love yours!! :)disco

Kasmira said...

I like the mix with the leopard print. I think animal prints go with almost anything!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

wow, your mixing looks great!

K said...

beautiful colors!

San said...

Hi, just found your blog and love it.

thriftymomma said...

Love, love, love your blog. While viewing and reading it I realize I need more belts & cardigans...geez you really pull some fab outfits together. I will have to keep reading but maybe I missed the part about the JAR? just easy transport, or is that how you measure your amounts? Also love the blue dishes I see, where can I get those? lol..oh and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog....

Goober said...

I love your shoes and the pattern mixing.

Seeing you so happy to have Rand home - well that just warms my sometimes love-cynical heart!

Tina said...

Sorry I'm so far behind in replying to posts. Moving houses is killing my free time. But thank you so much for commenting. I do read them all, and eventually I reply.

Lesa - Thanks! Sadly he left again the next week.

Barganista - thanks! I didn't mean to have a blurry photo either. LOL

Kasmira - thanks! Seriously, animal prints are a neutral, right?

Honeybunches - thanks!

K - thanks!

San - welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting! Both of your blogs sound great. I'm going to check them out as soon as I done replying to comments!

thriftymama - I love cardis and belts! The jar is just an old pasta sauce jar that I use to take certain things to work for lunch. It's just my way of not buying tupperware, reusing things I already have, and not heating up plastic in the microwave. I try to use glass when I have something to warm up, but must admit that I use plastic containers (from chinese delivery) when I just have a cold lunch. The blue dishes are from World Market and they don't carry them anymore. I broke a plate a few years ago and have been unsuccessful in finding a replacement b/c there isn't even a style or name on the dishes.

Heather - thanks! Just give it time and your cynical heart with be mushy with love and romance again. It sneaks up on ya!