Thursday, January 21, 2010

Giddy-up Girl

Instead of Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment, I bring you Rand's Daily Photo Harrasment. LOL. Usually Rand talks to me while I take photos, or sometimes ignores me, or sometimes jokingly complains that I'm holding up dinner, and he used to take my pics for me before I got a tripod. He's a sweetie. And then some days, I get this:

I love you, Rand!

What I Wore While Being Harrassed By Rand:

2009-01-21 combo

  • equestrian themed pleated skirt (via Goodwill)
  • camel lace camisol, dyed by me (via Goodwill)
  • magenta satin blouse (Lane Bryant, swap with friend)
  • black cardi (Target)
  • leopard ponyhair heels (Charles David)
  • gold earrings (hand-me-down from Mom)
  • copper necklace (borrowed)
  • two tone bracelet (thrift store in NYC) *

* I've had this bracelet for years. I think I got it in NYC when I was there with a friend in the 90s. I call it my bridle bracelet b/c I think it looks like the hardware on a horse's bridal. So I thought it was the perfect bracelet to wear with this skirt.

No exercise and no food pics. I left my camera at home. And I'm not gonna lie. I ate a bunch of crap: donettes, potato soup, and pizza.


Sabrina said...

you guys are too cute!!

When I take pics my husband always stands by and try to jump in and be funny. But then I give him the death look and he laughs and stops.

Madame said...

LOL too funny, and lovely. Cute shoes too!

evanadine said...

ok, first of all, that first photo of the two of you is just too sweet! thats a print-n-frame one for sure!

i take my pictures myself before the fiance gets home. hes still a little unsure about me having a blog, so i dont like to ask him to take my pictures. besides, i like taking my photos outside to get the natural light + since it gets dark so early in the winter, by the time he gets home, theres not enough light left!

anywho, i love rands daily outfit assessments. too cute!

Ally said...

Hahaha #3 cracks me up. This is the cutest skirt and I love the leopard w/it!

Maria said...

LOVE the skirt!

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, you two are adorable!

Goober said...

Aw, love the pics of you and Rand. You look absolutely wonderful in hot pink! And I love the skirt and the pattern mixing you did with the shoes.

BBM said...

you two are adorable! and those shoes are super sexy!

R said...

Tina, the pics are adorable, all of them, and you two look soooo happy! But maybe you should take down the third one. I don't mind, but you are in a very conservative - or supposedly conservative -field, what if one of your co-works/clients see it... I'm saying this because I've see this happen before and I would hate to see you getting in troubl because of that...

Tina said...

Sabrina - You need to post some of those husband jumping photos!!

Madame - thanks!

evandine - It's my desktop photo. :)

Ally - me too. I love that we're laughing so hard. But it was pointed out to me that if you click on it, you can see some silliness that might not go over well in the legal community, so I took that one down.

Maria - thanks! Wish I could loan it to you.

Kristin - thanks. We're both big goofballs.

Heather - thanks! I was really happy with how the shows fit into the outfit too.

BBM - thanks!

R - Good point. I forgot that you could click on them and see them bigger, so I wasn't worried about it. But I have taken your advice and taken down the 3rd pic. Thanks for the input!

Kari said...

Somehow I missed this post - Rand is absolutely adorable. You look so happy together!

Brooke said...

Yay Rand. Love the pattern mixing with the skirt and shoes!