Thursday, January 28, 2010

Purple Week Day #4

Today I decided to do a homage to Kasmira and her Red Hat Society Experiments, so I paired red with purple today. This gave me perfect opportunity to bust out my new cardigan, my new red trench coat, and my new necklace, all of which I got at Goodwill a few weeks ago. I only bought three things at Goodwill that day and they were all red. LOL

I picked a wonderful day to wear fur and suede shoes - it rained all day long. Luckily I had a backup pair of heels at work so I changed into them in order to leave.

What I Wore While Joining The Red Hat Society:

2010-01-28 combo

  • purple dress (Old Navy)
  • red cardi (Eddie Bauer via Goodwill)
  • nude pantyhose (Hanes)
  • red suede shoes w/ fur poofs (J. Renee)
  • brooch (inherited from grandma)
  • goldtone belt (via Goodwill)
  • red necklace (via Goodwill)
  • earrings (stolen from a friend)

What I Did While Vowing to Clean Out My Closets:

2010-01-28 exercise


Kari said...

I like how the wrapping of the belt over the cardi and the wrap of the dress work well together. The color tones are great, too - a very pretty Red Hat Society. :)

rskmom said...

Love your blog!
Just had to say I was lol at your Hoarders comment...I LOVE that show!

Cynthia said...

Howdy! I stumbled across your blog and love it. I have an interest in outfit of the day blogs lately and have been thinking about starting my own. Thanks for sharing your outfits and inspiration!

thriftymomma said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty..purple and red both are your color!