Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday at the Hospital

My future sis-in-law just had her second baby, so you know that we were at the hospital as soon as she said we could visit. My little nephew is adorable!!

What I Wore to the Maternity Ward:

2010-01-03 combo

  • teal silk skirt (Old Navy)
  • patterned cardi (Lane Bryant)
  • teal patterned tights (Target)
  • magenta suede flats (Target)*
  • diamond necklace (inherited)
  • gold braid headband (Gap)

*after multiple people kept trying to snag these shoes at the clothing swap, only to discover that they were someone's current shoes and not part of the swap, I went out and bought them for myself. LOVE THEM! (even if they do run a little too small)

What I Ate After Weight Watchers Gave Me A Wake-up Call:

2010-01-03 food

  • breakfast: whole wheat toast w/ almond butter, 2 persimmons
  • lunch: homemade chicken & wild rice soup, cheese toast, pear
  • snack: Twizzlers
  • dinner: whole wheat spaghetti w/ sauce, brocolli, garlic toast

I had my first WW meeting since Thanksgiving. I've packed on 8 pounds. Yikes!

What I Did While Watching Biggest Loser on Hulu:

I've been saving the last 5 episodes of the Biggest Loser so I could watch them while I walked on the treadmill. Now that my treadmill is finally in place, I settled in for a nice long walk while watching the Biggest Loser. I walked for an hour in the morning. And then in the afternoon, Rand suggest we walk to the library. That was another 30 minutes of walking.


Lauren said...

I think this is one of my favourite outfits of yours recently. :]
I love walking around town with the boy.

Kasmira said...

Oh, I love this outfit! The colors and shape are so great on you!

I want those shoes, too.

Work With What You've Got said...

Oh my gosh!~ This is so perfect!~ I love that sweater and those shoes!~ Perfect!

Goober said...

I have some serious shoe lust! Those shoes are great!

Sheila said...

I love this outfit! Great colours on you!

Good for you for getting back on track, Tina. I am dreading my first WW of the new year. I'm sure I've put on about 5 lbs...which would put me above my goal...which means I'd have to pay! :(

Tina said...

Lauren - thanks! Me too. Walks with the men are the best. Esp when they hold your hand.

Kasmira - thanks! You can see why everyone was fighting over them at the swap, even though they weren't actually available. :)

Erin- thanks! When we walked to the library I was commenting to Rand that we were probably walking righ past your house, but then I realized we were one street over.

Heather - thanks! I am pretty excited that I snagged a pair, even if they are a little small. Maybe Target has some still?

Sheila - thanks! What happens when you "have to pay"??

Nishant said...

I love this outfit! The colors and shape are so great on you!

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Tina said...

Nishant - thanks!