Saturday, February 20, 2010

Owl You Ready For the Weekend?

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "You look like a realtor." That's what you said the first time I wore this jacket. "You look like a leprechan?" Nope. You've said that before too. "Well maybe you shouldn't wear the same jacket so much." Oh okay. You want me to buy things and only wear them once? "Whatever. But what's with all the animals lately? You wore a jillion yesterday and now you've got this owl on today." I love it!

Which brings me to the necklace. I really do love it. It's quite big and not the easiest thing to wear, but when I saw it for 79 cents at Goodwill, I had to have it. It makes me think of Kasmira and all her owl accesories. She even has an owl necklace too.

What I Wore While Saying "Who":

2010-02-19 combo

  • green jacket (via Goodwill)
  • jean pencil skirt (Target)
  • black/white striped T (via Goodwill)
  • black tights (Target)
  • black ruffle flats (maurices)
  • gold earrings (I don't remember)
  • owl necklace (via Goodwill)
What I Did While Rand Ran Errands:

2010-02-19 exercise

I don't like anyone to watch me workout unless they are working out with me, so I grabbed the opportunity to steal the Tivo and living room for a quick workout while Rand was out of the house.

What I Ate While Struggling To Keep on Track:

faux chicken parm with penne pasta, roasted brocolli and cauliflower, and red wine.


Sewfast said...

Ahhh! ou just reminded me of my owl necklace...must dig it out and wear it! Thanks! Love your style by the way!

Sabrina said...

Don't you love husbands endearing comments about their wives clothes. Mine does it all the time.

love the owl necklace, such a great piece. I am going to have to keep an eye for one

Stacy said...

I dig the owl necklace, but it makes me think back to that crazy bird necklace that Maria had. We all teased her for it and this owl necklace might be crazier than that one. We might have to make a comparison. ;)

LaShaune said...

Owls are awesome and I love your necklace. Everyone at work makes fun of me b/c I have a necklace, ring and pin (I have yet to wear them all at the same time though).

Kasmira said...


rskmom said...

What's the recipe for the faux chick parm? Thanks!

BBM said...

that necklage is killer!

Tina said...

Sewfast - oh you have to send a pic of you wearing your owl necklace!!

Sabrina - I know! It was hilarious. I was thinking "One of the things you like about me is that I am frugal, so what are you talking about?" ha!

Stacy - Oh geez, the crazy bird necklace. I had forgotton. LOL

LaShaune - Excellent! Put 'em all on at once, just for fun. And be sure to send me a picture.

Kasmira - Hoo! Hoo!

rskmom - I made a post for you on how to make it. It's super fast and easy. It's one of our "We don't feel like cooking, but we don't want to go out" meals. Here is the link.

BBM - thanks!

Maria said...

I am stealing your owl. ADORABLE.

Maria said...

PS Don't dog my bird necklace. And, just for that, i'm wearing it to Tina's bachelorette party.