Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WWF in the Parking Lot

Oh my. I got into an altercation with an old man in a parking lot, if you can believe that. Your ears would blush and you would consider calling the cops, trust me, if you heard the things he threatened me with. All because I took 30 seconds to ask the parking attendant a question and he had to wait behind me. He came out of his car and kept shoving his fist inside me car. It was scary. And I don't think he appreciated me telling him to grow up. ha! Word to the wise: don't flick off someone after they curse at you and call you names. Otherwise they might threaten to pull you out of your car and rip your head off your body.

What I Wore While Fighting With a Senior Citizen:

2010-02-17 combo

  • brown tweed skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • sheer shirt (Newport News)
  • brown cardigan
  • nude patterned tights (Target) *
  • brown suede d'orsay pumps (Quipid)
  • leaf brooch (via Goodwill)
  • faux champagne pearl earrings (new via Goodwill)
  • brown satin coat (via Ross)

* I really like the pattern on these tights, and I really like nude fishnets, but I feel like the nude pattern just makes my legs look blotchy. You can't really appreciate the pattern. So I think I am going to dye it. I would really like some grey open weave tights, but I don't think that the color would come out well on top of the nude. So I might dye them brown instead. What do you think? grey or brown?

What I Ate While Shaking Like a Leaf:

2010-02-17 food

  • breakfast: cinnamon poptarts
  • lunch: chicken salad and orange souffle (Neiman Marcus)
  • dinner: caterpillar roll, seaweed salad, salmon sashimi (Sushi Axiom)


hillary said...

I know when you are in the moment you don't react how you think you would (says the girl who walked in on a guy robbing her and my reaction was I grabbed him)

BUT recently here in mass someone flipped off someone on the highway after they cut them off and the guys frigging SHOT HIM.

Please please be careful especially with your gun laws. You never know when a psychopath is gonna flip.

That said I run my mouth so who am I to say anything.

Becky said...

Oh MAN! That sounds so scary. I've had a homeless person on the train drag his finger across his throat (the i'm gonna slit your throat move) when I looked in his direction. Not pleasant. Well, at least you looked cute while being scared? That sheer top is so pretty peeking out from your cardi!

Tina said...

Hillary - Oh, girl, I know! I was such an idiot. And honestly, I only flicked him off after I looked at him in the rear view mirror. I felt like it was probably safe to flick off a 65 year old guy and his wife. Boy was I wrong! Stupid Tina!!!!

Photography By Tanya said...

Hi, Tina! I've been reading your blog here for a while, but this is my first time posting. So, again, hi! :)

Wow, scary moment! Glad you're okay!

About the nude tights, have you ever tried layering them over a more opaque tight? I've seen a few other fashion bloggers do that, as I'm sure you've seen as well, and it always looks so pretty! I'm not sure how comfy it would be though!

Anyway, just a suggestion, in case you wanted to try something else as a last resort before you try dye on them. :)

LaShaune said...

Wow...old folks in the Big D are getting cranky! Sorry to hear that. I'm usually the one yelling when they can't navigate the parking garage (one side goes up the other side goes down - not very difficult).

Now on to the tights...I've seen some ladies layer their tights. I know here it's too damn hot most days to even think of that, but since we're having a fluke of winter - that may be an option over dying (unless you just wanna dye em - I like the grey option).

evanadine said...

(1) your legs look AWESOME in the skirt!

(2) there must be something in the air lately with grown men acting crazy -- just 2 days ago on the Metro 2 grown men (i would guess one in his late 40s the other in his mid 60s) started physically fighting right in front of me on a crowded train! i think it was all because one of them shoved (accidentally or not?) the other when cramming through the doors. seriously! the assaulted kept taking photos of the assailant on his cameraphone and had the train conductor call the police -- seems the one guy already knew where the other guy got off the train + the po-po were waiting for him.
utterly juvenile!

Sarah said...

Wow, what a grumpy old man! But, you looked good fighting with him.

Nicole said...

Tanya got to what I was going to suggest before I could! I layer patterned/fishnet-y tights over opaques all the time and I cannot recommend it highly enough. You make it look like a dozen different pairs that way and it's also a good way to get the look of, say, plum-coloured fishnets without actually having to buy plum-coloured fishnets. Although you already have those, so substitute plum with attractive food item of your choice.

Fiona said...

I love these colours on you, and I vote for brown stockings!

San said...

Ah, old people are sometimes extremely rude. Glad you take it with humor.

I love your brooch. How about wearing these tights over black ones?

This caterpillar looks yummy.

brittneynikkole said...

Good for you for being far more calm than I would have been in that kind of situation! I have no doubt my boy would have had to bail me out afterward.
I really like the cut of this skirt. It's kind of flirty and looks fantastic on you!

BBM said...

i wish i coulda been there to back u up girl! :-) u, my dear, looked super cute! i love all the lace layering.

and ummm, shut it down with that sushi. yum-o!

Goober said...

Yikes! Random crazy-angry people freak me out. Way to be brave!

You look great - this palette of colors looks really nice with your skin and hair color.

laniza said...

Um, I think that old guy had a little too much coffee or something! Geez! In any case, I really, really love your outfit today and I'd dye the tights brown as you have lots of that color in your wardrobe.

The other Tina said...

Tina, what were you thinking? THat old guy doesn't have a whole lot of time left here and you took 30 seconds away from his cranky existence! (eyeroll) Who knows why people are so nasty?

you do look hot and your dinner looks delish! Stay safe, this is Texas and people luv their guns.

Brooke said...

That's so scary! I'm glad you're ok. And like other folks have said, at least you looked adorable. I love that skirt on you, and the shades of brown are so sophisticated. Very pretty!

R said...

I love this outfit! One of your best looks.

I vote for dying them brown, because based on what you've posted I think you would have more wear out of a brown pair.

Sheila said...

I don't think you can dye nylon - it's colour-fast. What about layering them over a coloured tight?

I love that brooch - gorgeous texture and shape.

Kari said...

That's too bad, Tina. How scary. I'm glad that you are okay.
I think Sheila and I are on the same wavelength - my first thought was to layer the tights over some brown or gray opaque tights to bring out the pattern a bit more. Have you tried that? It's actually a lot more comfortable (and warmer!) than I thought it would be.