Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yay & Boo

I got my car repaired today. Yay! It cost a lot of money b/c they did some damage while stealing my battery. Boo! I got a discount on the window replacement by bargain (thanks to Rand's suggestion.) Yay! The guy didn't get the glass out of the car but did clear out a stray earring off the floorboard that I meant to grab - and threw it away. Boo! The car wash guy gave me free tokens for the vacuum even though I didn't buy a carwash. Yay! I cut myself while vacuuming up all the broken glass. Boo! I looked cute. Yay! But everything was a little lumpy. Boo!

I layered this batternburg lace shell over a dark brown tank to mimic the pattern of the skirt. I really like the affect. But, the lace shell has a few sequins on it, so it look a little lumpy and bumpy under my cardigan. So even though I liked the outfit, I don't think I will repeat it.

What I Wore While Sucking Up Glass:

2010-03-24 combo

  • brown/cream patterned skirt (Target)
  • brown tank (Ann Taylor)
  • lace shell (via Goodwill)
  • mustard cardi (Target, new via Goodwill)
  • brown belt (??)
  • brown boots (Cloudwalkers via Avenue)
  • leaf brooches (via Goodwill)
  • fly stick pin (vintage via antique shop)


EvaNadine said...

the outfit is super-cute - YAY!
im sorry that your boobies looked bumpy - BOO!

but your cluster of leaf + bug pins gives the outfit the final YAY for the *WIN!*

misss_e said...

Pretty dress!

Kelly said...

I didn't even realize it wasn't a dress until you said that!

Also - who throws away a stranger's earring? What the heck?

Sarah said...

Looks like a dress - even after I read that it was a skirt and a shirt over another shirt I still had to look really hard to see the two. I like this yellow on you!

B/C Changeover said...

I thought it was a dress too! I love the lace and yellow together.

Maybe a heavier cardigan wouldn't show the bumps as much?

MissAmy said...

I was tricked as well! This really, really reminds my of that fab dress that Drew Barrymore wore -

Nishant said...
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Tina said...

EvaNadine - "bumpy boobs" ha! Perfect description!

miss_e - thanks! It's actually a skrt and shirt combo, but I was trying to make it look like a dress, so it's good to know that it worked.

Kelly - I think the earring was vacuumed up when he was cleaning out the glass in my floorboard from the broken window. Sadly, I think the only thing that was removed was the earring, not the glass. Total bummer too, b/c I've tried to wear those earings about 4 times already since then. Darn.

Sarah - thanks!

Brooke (or is it Coco?) - Good suggestion! It would have to be a pretty thick cardigan, so I wouldn't be able to try it out until next winter, I think.

Miss Amy - Now if only I was as hot as Drew Barrymore, then we would be in business!

Kasmira said...

Oh, so genius to pair that lace tank with that skirt! Try another outfit with the two elements.