Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Prep

Well, wedding prep is in full force, so please forgive the abbreviated post. There was lots of glue-gun action today, but that doesn't mean that the MOH and I can't look cute as always.

What We Wore While Making Centerpieces:


misss_e said...

Ooo can we see the centerpieces...You both look adorable!

Sarah said...

You look great as always! Your MOH is funny, I like her pose!

Have fun with the wedding prep!!

Tina said...

miss_e - thanks! We didn't take any pics of the centerpieces after they were completed, but if the photographer took some, I'll post those when I get the pictures from her.

Sarah - thanks! My MOH was my sister. She's basically me, but younger and with blond hair. She's awesome!