Monday, May 10, 2010

Slum Lord?

I don't know how this house got into the search parameters that our real estate agent set up for us, but I had to check it out. Just to clarify, Rand and I love old homes. We really like ones that are about 100 years old, and this one is about 80 years old. And we like historic districts, which this one is in. BUT it's not in any part of town we would consider living in. And just so you fully understand just how bad this neighborhood is, I'll tell you the price. It's for sale for $35k. It's 3200 square feet, people! 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, gorgeous hardwoods, etc. Similar houses in other parts of Dallas would be $400-800K depending on location. Well, you know we had to drive by it. I kept trying to convince Rand that we should buy it and sit on it to see if the historic district revitalizes, or that we should subdivide it and become slum lords. He's not going for it.

What I Wore While Looking At a Great House in a Bad Location:

2010-05-11 combo

  • equestrian skirt (via Goodwill)
  • brown silk ruffle blouse (Cato via Thrift Town)
  • mustard cardigan (Lane Bryant)
  • brown heels (Manolo Blahnik via Goodwill)
  • bracelet (vintage store in NYC)
  • sweater clips (borrowed from Kasmira)
  • gold braid headband (Gap)
  • earrings (hand-me-down)
  • bug stickpin (antique store)

Food Issues:

I am having major food issues. We've been working majorly long hours (I was at work until 10pm on Monday) and as a result, work has been providing food and snacks. And by food and snacks, I mean pizza and candy. I know I shouldn't eat it. I know I should just bring my own. But I am currently failing on a daily basis. I need to get a grip. Please tell me to get a grip on this or I will be uncomfortable in my own body.


Kasmira said...

Love the bug brooch. And it's the sweater clip. Yay!

When I go back to the antique market in June, I will look for one for you for keeps!

Andie said...

wow. Impressive! Mahnolo Blahniks in your thrift store! nice!

and isn't that so frustrating when there is an awesome house in a 'notsoawesome" location?

Stacy said...

You looks super cute! Now, get a grip on the food situation so you can stay looking super cute. Becoming a slum lord is one thing, looking slummy is another...

How's that motivation? =)

Oh, I am LURV you!

Melissa said...

I just wanted to comment about your "food issues" - since you told us to tell you to get a grip. :)

Please don't be too hard on yourself. Food is a difficult thing for a LOT of people. You're not alone and your eating habits don't define WHO you are or how beautiful you are.

If you're interested, take a look at my personal blog starting from back in October (I think.) I won a contest through our local newspaper that helped me to lose my pregnancy weight (over two years after my daughter was born). It was HARD. It took time and I was exhausted trying to fit everything into my already working-mommy-packed schedule. But it was worth it. I hope some or any of the information can help you.

LaShaune said...

Wow! 35K!!!! That's awesome especially if the house doesn't need a ton of work (probably new windows, roof, and power washing the bricks). The city may even pay YOU to buy the house. That's a fab opportunity.

I say that and think about my house. I love my house. It was a steal at 90K 4 years ago. But I HATE my hood. It's totally hood and the revitalization that seemed so promising when the home was purchased has stalled.

Oh well - at least I can park my car in the garage and shut out the rest of my crappy hood.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful house!! But, the location doesn't ever change, so if it is in a bad location - pass! We looked for a house for a year and six months but we found a fantastic house in a great neighborhood and we still love it 6 months later. You will find something perfect for you!

Oh to the food - if you eat crap you will look and feel like crap!

And - I love this outfit!

BBM said...

lookin good ... looking good! and now im totally jealous about the u know wat conference. :-/ at least i know someone whose going!

Anonymous said...

::waves to fellow Dallasite::

Ya'll should look in my east Dallas hood - Lakewood. There's plenty of historic houses (mine's 1926) of all sizes and states of repair and I bet there's some serious deals around here. Also, I walk all over at night and different times of the day and always feel very safe.

Sheila said...

Love the mustard cardi!

Food...gah...can you ask your work to bring in healthier snacks? Order some 6" subs from Subway and a bunch of mini yoghurts and fruit? They'll get a lot more production from you if you've got some solid good food in you, instead of having sugar crashes from the processed crap.

Alternately...and I know it means could pack a bunch of food in anticipation. Keep a stash of Kashi bars in your desk, along with some apples?