Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lots of Eating Out

From my last post, you already know what I was doing - meeting other Texas fashion bloggers. It was a ton of fun! But that wasn't my only meal out for the day. I also met one of my good friends for lunch, and we tried a raw food restaurant. It was delish but not very filling.

What I Wore While Meeting Texas Bloggers:

2010-06-22 combo

  • skirt (via Kmart)
  • green knit tank (Fossil, new via Goodwill)
  • white cardi (via Ross)
  • heels (via Nordstrom)
  • necklace (Dana Buchman vis Kohls)
  • belt (Nine West vis Ross)
  • earrings (Austin street vendor)
What I Ate While Trying Raw Food:

2010-06-22 food

  • breakfast: blackberries
  • lunch: shared "enchiladas" and "pizza" (Bliss)
  • snack: string cheese
  • dinner: grilled chicken sandwich, fries, beer (I ate about 1/2 f this) (Vickery Park)


Kimberly said...

Whenever I hear about a raw restaurant all I can think about is SATC when Samantha meets Smith Jarrett.

That necklace and skirt were meant to be together - so much fabulousness!

LaShaune said...

I really really really need that necklace.

Bombshell Beauty said...

You own so many really graet skirts. Must add more than just the black skirts currently in closet, to closet.

And YES to the SATC reference from Kimberly.

Lesa said...

The colors of your outfit are so charming and summery, love the whole outfit.

Please tell me you didn't eat raw chicken.

Tina said...

Kimnerly - thanks! I can't say that I was impressed with the restaurant, but maybe if I had met him there...

LaShaune - thanks! Check out Kohls. I just got it.

Sara - LOL. I actually only have one black skirt and it's starting to get a little worn. I need to add MORE black skirts.

Lesa - LOL. I ate raw vegetarian at lunch and cooked chicken at dinner.