Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Matchy Matchy?

There has been some discussion on Facebook about being matchy matchy. People were being pretty rude to one blogger b/c she matched her purse to her shoes and earrings, or something along those lines. While I don't subscribe to the old rule that those things must match, I also don't subscribe to the theory that if you want to be fashionable you can't match. I think as long as one color doesn't become overwhelming, you can match as much as little as you like.

So in support of the blogger, I did all orange accessories today. And you know what? I don't think it is too much. I tried on an orange belt and that is when I felt it hit the overwhelming point and I took it off. What do you think? Do you wear matching accessories or only coordinating ones?

What I Wore That Was Orange:

2010-06-28 combo

What I Ate Looked Messy But Was Delish:

2010-06-28 food

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, alternative bagel (Western Bagel), strawberries
  • lunch: pastrami (Buddig) on Sandwich Thin (Arnold), blueberries, yellow squash, string cheese
  • snack: greek yogurt (local farm) with sugar free preserves mixed in (Smuckers), SoyJoy, gala apple
  • dinner: chicken with mint and capers *, couscous with roasted onions and squash, wine

* This wasn't the prettiest dish I've eaten due to the thin sauce that flooded the plate, but it was so good!


DanaElayne said...

I think that you have on different shades of orange so it blends instead of being matchy-matchy, but I'm a fan of matching sometimes. I think you're right...you know when you've hit "too much".

Plus, you look amazing in this outfit!

EvaNadine said...

personally, i am still a novice when it comes to matching, coordinating, and figuring out what just "goes."
i would rather match than look a mess!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I am leaving your pleated shirt and that jacket.

I don't necessarily believe that it is wrong to be matchy matchy but I try not to do it because it's just too prim and proper for me. But I also change my mind on a daily basis so rules don't really apply to me:)

Wendy said...

I am pretty much a matchy matchy girl. Part of it is the fact that I work in a funeral home, which is still an extremely conservative environment. The other part is that I like the way it looks. I do try to vary the shades. As for giving someone a rough time over how they dress, that just blows my mind. Wow is all I can say. I sent you a friend request on FB, if I can figure out who needs it, I'll be sure to lend my support.

Wendy in North East Texas

Melissa said...

What an awesome post today to dress in support of another blogger!

I love the outfit and agree with DanaElayne; since your items aren't identical shades, it's not too matchy-matchy and instead just coordinates beautifully together.

I tend to try avoiding matchy-matchy but sometimes it just feels right. It's a personal preference rather than a hard-and-fast fashion rule. To each her own.

I love that cardigan and those shoes, too!

Liza said...

Love the cardigan, it looks great on you!

Shelley said...

I love your outfit - you look very cutting-edge fashionable!

I am more of a matchy-matchy person as far as my jewelry - not that they are from the same set, but my necklace and earrings are usually in the same color palate. I don't know, color confuses me a lot. I like seeing what other people do with it and definitely get inspired, so thanks for being bold with your choices!

B/C Changeover said...

I think you're pulling off the matchy-ness beautifully here - but I agree that the belt might have been too much! I love those shoes with that outfit, actually.

Anika said...

made this one for you sweetie! :D

xx Anika


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit. Just right.

Just printed off that recipe for the chicken with mint and capers. It sounds really good. Do you happen to know how many points?

Taylor said...

Sometimes I just have to do matchy-matchy. Other times I just can't. Depends on my mood, on the day, on the outfit.

I own that top in blue and that cardi print in a skirt - Target is my second home.

Bombshell Beauty said...

I like to do a little bit of matchy matchy - picking out one color and layering it in with jewelry, accessories or lipstick.

You look great in this outfit, by the way. I want a pair of pants that I can tuck a shirt into. Consider me inspired.

Donna said...

You look great in the outfit and the use of your accent color is not overdone. The colors don't have to match, just play nice together. Good call on the belt...

A nice blog in support of another blogger...you are definitely a much better person than those giving that gal a hard time. Please...is this high school?... come on ladies!

Sabrina said...

Sometimes I do the matchy matchy thing when it comes to accessories and jewelry, but most of the time I just go with what feels right.

Lesa said...

I err on the side of matching because I just don't see myself as expert enough to go to "out there." In defense of your matchy friend, I think that some people just go for the shock value or live in more avant garde communities than most of us.

Kristen said...

I find that I can't do matchy-matchy on colors, but I have no problems doing it with neutrals.

I like what you did here with this, and it works not only because there are not all the same orange, but you picked the lesser color of the sweater to pull it out. Had you gone all blues it would have looked entirely different.

BBM said...

love all the pops of orange! and i love ure hair-do today! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

I love the different shades of orange and this "fit" is a winner. I LOVE this blog!


Katrina said...

I think the orange is fab! Agreed that using different shades makes it high fashion and not too matchy-matchy. The cardigan is to-die-for!

Check out my fashion blog, Lady Frugal!

Courtney said...

I agree with many of the above comments that the different shades of orange keep it from being too matchy-matchy. I don't have a problem with others matching colors exactly, I just don't really do it myself. My sister-in-law matches everything, and still looks fabulous. I think it's all a matter of personal style!
Loving The Reflection

Bea said...

I do the matchy thing sometimes and sometimes not. It's just how I feel some days. Sometimes, I do different shades, too. Just live and let live. It's just personal style and we don't have to adhere to any rules!

Juanette said...

I normally don't do matchy but I love this because the colors are the same family but don't match perfectly! I wore a black dress with a hot pink sash with black shoes with hot pink piping to church on Sunday and thought I was matchy but I think it's ok sometimes. (I wanted to wear yellow shoes with it instead but didn't want to wear closed toe shoes.)

Sheila said...

Oh wow, I love all the orange as the accent colour! And I don't think it's too matchy-matchy because all the oranges are slightly different tones.

And pfft! Whatever to people who scoff at being matchy. Screw 'em. :)