Friday, June 18, 2010

Safari Style

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "I saw someone on the train wearing the exact same thing today. Shiny Safari."

Yesterday, Sara asked me if my hair had suddenly gotten longer. Nope, I just used my flat iron on it. Once you flatten out all my frizz and waves, it makes my hair look a good 2 inches longer. I noticed the same thing. I have 3 basic ways to style my hair: realxed curls (curling iron), frizzy/wavy (air dry), and straight (flat iron). That's it. My hair has pretty much been the same my whole life. I really want a change. Do you make extreme changes in your hair a lot?

What I Wore That Was Shiny Safari:

2010-06-17 combo

  • black skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • lime green T (Lane Bryant)
  • greyish satin jacket (Lane Bryant)
  • green wedges (BCBGirl via Macys)
  • belt (via Goodwill)
  • bracelet (via Ross)
  • necklace (MixIt via JCPenney)
  • earrings (?? so old)
What I Ate At A New Restaurant:

2010-06-17 food

  • breakfast: alternative bagel, reduced fat cream cheese, grapefruit
  • lunch: spinach, 3 oz chicken, carrot, cheese stick, blueberries
  • snack: apple, Power bar, sugar snap peas
  • dinner: beef fajitas
  • dessert: 2T reduced sugar icing

It was really late by the time we finished house shopping, so we stopped into this new restaurant that Rand's been wanting to try.

Total for the Day: 35.5 points

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Branka said...

I've had up to my butt long hair all my life, and a few months ago I suddendly decided to get an angled bob. I love it, and only regret not doing that long time ago!
You look great, as always:)

Bombshell Beauty said...

I've made drastic changes (shorter, darker, lighter) but am really happy with my long hair. Your hair is great!

EvaNadine said...

i used to want hair as long as crystal gale, so i never cut it much growing up. then i accidentally had several inches cut off my hair, and i have really played with it nonstop ever since.
the joy of having a short haircut is that, if you change the style, it doesnt take so long to d=grow back as a long haircut!
and dont even get me started on how often i have changed colors. ;)

Julie said...

I change my hairstyle about once a year... Exactly at the time I get a once a year hair cut... isn't that disgusting? lol... My hair grows pretty fast, so by the time I am wishing I had enough hair for a pony tail or a bun, I do! And then by the time I get tired of longish hair--- it is time for a hair cut... It is a vicious cycle! :) I noticed your straight hair yesterday and I really liked it!

Kimberly said...

So, tell me, did you remove the tie belt from the jacket or just hide it with the belt? Curious since I am wearing the same one in black today.

As for hair, I have done a few drastic chops in my day. However, now I just get it cut every 3 months in pretty much the same style and play with the shades of brown and highlights that I get.

Lastly, love the Shiny Safari!

Goober said...

Twice I've had my hair down to my waist. Then I've cut it (either in one shot or gradually) shoulder length or shorter. I started growing it out again a few years ago. I love the versatility of long hair, even if it does take AGES to air dry.

I love your shoes and that necklace is beautiful!

Kasmira said...

Awesome necklace!

The other Tina said...

I grew my hair down to my waist then chopped it all off to donate to Locks of Love. Cut off 15 inches! I then went a super short razor cut. Now its to my shoulders. I have the exact same skirt and I love it!!

Tara said...

Growing up, I had below shoulder length hair but when I started college (15 years ago), I cut it all off. I have had various short hairstyles ever since. I am trying to grow it out a bit now. But, if you've never tried short (I mean, really short) it is such a liberating experience!

Sheila said...

I love that necklace!

I change my hair pretty frequently. It's just hair - I'm never attached to a style (or colour).

Tina said...

Branka - thanks! I would love to have hair that reached my butt, but this is pretty much the longest my hair gets. I also would love a bob, but my face is sooooo round.

Sara - you've got such great hair - it's super shiney.

EvaNadine - I wish I was braver with color. I've had it red/auburn a lot, but not much more than that. I want to go crazy one day, but I am scared.

Julie - once a year? Wow. I thought I was mine was super infrequent, b/c I usually go 6 months. Any longer than that and it gets really bad on the ends.

Kimberly - I just tied the self-belt and then tucked it under my leather belt. Amazingly it stayed there all day long.

Heather - you have such pretty hair, I bet it looks amazing down to your waist. Yes, it take hours and hours for my hair to dry and I generally don't use a drier, so I inevitably go to work with wet hair at least once a week.

Kasmira - thanks!

The Other Tina - of course you have this skirt. You ARE the Other Tina. :)

Tara - I bet it is amazing to have short hair. I wish I was that brave.

Sheila - thanks! I've noticed that you've changed your hair a couple of times just since I started reading your blog. I need to just do it and stop being a baby. It doesn't help that Rand really wants me to keep it long.