Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Simple Monday

Mondays are blech, so I decided that Kimberly's necklace was just the thing to make it a great day. Originally I had a great belt on too, but with the ruffles on the skirt, the big necklace, and the bows on the shoes, it was just all too much. So I took the belt back off. I think that made Monday even better b/c my waist got to breathe.

Okay, enough of fashion, on to the news - we put an offer in on a house! So keep your fingers crossed that they accept our offer!!

What I Wore While Submitting an Offer:

2010-06-21 combo

  • grey skirt (W.D. NY via Goodwill)
  • coral shirt (Apt 9 via Kohls)
  • black ribbon heels (Nine West via 6pm)
  • blue necklace (borrowed from Kimberly)
What I Ate While Signing Paperwork:

2010-06-21 food

  • breakfast: grapefruit, cheesey egg, power bar
  • lunch: red beans & rice w/ turkey sausage, sugar snap peas, apple
  • snack: string cheese
  • dinner: tortellini w/ eggplant & peppers


Dr. Da said...

Those shoes are FABULOUS!

Savonne said...

I love that necklace and skirt. Super cute.

Goober said...

An offer on a house - how exciting! I hope you get it!

EvaNadine said...

i have eyed those shoes each time you have worn them -- they are perfect, and they flatter your legs very much!

good luck with the house offer.
::fingers crossed::

Kimberly said...

Yay for the offer on the house - good luck!!

You also did a great job with the necklace!

Sheila said...

I almost bought those shoes last year in turquoise! I love this outfit - good call on the belt.

Good luck with the offer!

Donna said...

You look so cute! The color of the top is definitely good for you. The whole outfit is great. Too bad you're not in our area; my husband could inspect your house for you!

Bombshell Beauty said...

I love that you clothes away have a special something about them - like the ruffled skirt today. Aaand congratulations on finding the 95% house!!!

Brooke said...

Pretty! Love the pink and gray. I think the no belt was a good call.

Melissa said...

Oh my, I love those shoes and that skirt! So very pretty!

Congrats on the house! Hope it works out!

Tina said...

Dr. Da - thanks!

Alissa - thanks!

Heather - we're supposed to close on the house on teh 26th. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing weird happens.

EvaNadine - thanks! I don't wear the shoes very much b/c they're a tiny bit frilly for work, but I do love them. Thank you for having such great sales! LOL

Kimberly - thanks! It's a great necklace. Thanks for letting em borrow it.

Sheila - I love the turquoise shoes that you already have!!

Donna - thanks! We had the inspector out and everything looks pretty good with just some minor things like the roof and the foundation. LOL But it's not a house in Texas if it doens't need something done to those two things.

Sara - thanks! I am so excited about the 95% house!

Brooke - thanks!

Melissa - thanks!