Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Does Cool Mean?

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "You look like the cool end of the rainbow." Let me explain that by "cool" he didn't mean I looked cool like the Fonz or something. Nope. He meant the temperature cool part of the rainbow - the blues, indigos, and violets - because I was wearing those colors. My hubby is a total geek and I love him dearly.

As I was trying to take some pics in the rain, I fell over. Not for any reason, mind you; I just fell over. I am a graceful gazelle. I should be a ballerina.

What I Wore That Was Cool:

2010-06-29 combo

  • lavendar tweed skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • blue bubble shirt (Banana Republic vis Goodwill)
  • ombre sweater (via Ross)
  • necklace (Dana Buchman via Kohls)
  • blue heels (via Rainbow) *
  • peacock headband (via Target)

* The one good thing about cheap PVC shoes - you can wear them in the rain!


Ms. X said...

Tee hee! Tina, I love you so much. Just a month ago, I managed to sprain both ankles by... uh, walking downstairs, carrying a very light trash bag. Not exactly acrobatics. Graceful, indeed.

Stacy said...

I love your little pose in the rain with the umbrella and the "outtake". You're so funny. I miss you!

Lesa said...

Pretty beads, feather and shoes. Don't worry, I tip over all the time and then I laugh so hard one of m family members have to pick me up!

Christina S. said...

lol! Dont worry, i fall over all the time! haha

Thanks to my excellent balance and skilled, graceful coordination, (notice the sarcasm? hehe) i think i spend most of my time on the ground! XD

Love your outfit though! And that necklace is stunning!

-Christina <3

Joan said...

" like the Fonz" Lol! Love the Fonzie reference.

Kasmira said...

LOVE the colors you've chosen! Rand's assessment is spot on.

That necklace is really great, too.

Melissa said...

I am often teased for being the only person who can trip on a LINE. Not even a raised line, mind you...just a flat line in any random design on a floor.

Yep. I'm "Grace."

I love the necklace and the shoes - they are both fantastic!

Kristen said...

Cool end of the rainbow, HA! Right on, Rand. That's a compliment, Tina; love the colors of that necklace.

Tina said...

Ms. X - both ankles at once? Wow!

Stacy - miss you too!

Lesa & Christina - I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Kasmira - thanks!

Melissa - At least we provide amusement for everyone else, right?

Kristen - thanks!