Friday, July 23, 2010

Taking Measure

I met the realtor at the soon-to-be-ours house. While we were there, I measured some rooms so I could start shopping for a new couch. Whoo hoo!

What I Wore While Measuring Rooms:

2010-07-22 combo
  • black skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • green T (Target)
  • black bead necklace (via Goodwill)
  • green flower bobbypins (Etsy)
  • black sandals (Nine West)
  • black bead earrings (Sam Moon?)


Sarah said...

Cute outfit! I like that green on you.

How exciting getting your house!! When we got ours I measured every room and made a to scale model on graph paper and placed all of our furniture (which was in storage) where I wanted it. SO EXCITING!!!

Have fun couch shopping!

laniza said...

This is an awesome outfit! I really like this shade of green on you too. Good luck with the new house :).

Sheila said...

Eeee! How exciting! You look great in this shade of green, too.

Lane said...

Very cute!

The Lane Bryant Team

Lane said...

Very cute!

The Lane Bryant Team

Joan said...

Love that skirt!

Amanda said...

i love how the tape measure matches your shirt!! its adorable. congrats on the house. loving the outfit!

Kasmira said...

Now you have to draw out the rooms on graph paper and then make little cutouts that proportionally represent the furniture and experiment with locations!

I thought your shirt changed color...but you've just used an old detail shot for the necklace?

Tina said...

Sarah - thanks! I actually made a floorplan on and I've been planning my furniture there. So fun!

laniza - thanks!

Sheila - I'm practically squealing with excitement. And fear. LOL

Lane - thanks!

Joan - thanks! Me too!

Amanda - I keep a measuring tape in every color on hand, just in case. hehe :)

Kasmira - About a year ago I went through my jewelry box and took pictures of all my jewelry outside while wearing a white T-shirt. That way I knew I had good photos of my jewelry without having to take detail shots every day.