Monday, August 23, 2010

Different Floors

Mugdha and I work on different floors in different departments in our firm, so we don't usually see each other during the day. So we've been taking a few minutes in the middle of the day to meet in this beautiful area in the building to catch up and snap our pics. It's a great space with fountains, plants, and even a couple of rock gardens. Plus it's got amazing views of the city b/c we're up in a skyscraper. So occassionally I don't just see Mugdha while I'm there, I also get to see tourists snapping photos out the windows. It's a photo extravaganza!

What I Wore While The Tourists Took Photos Of Things Other Than Me:

2010-08-11 combo

  • floral skirt (via Kmart)
  • white tuxedo front tank (Target)
  • red belt (Target)
  • black cardi (Target)
  • black pumps (Nicole Miller)
  • bird pin (via Goodwill)
  • silver earrings (gift)
What Mugdha Wore While Avoiding Stares:

2010-08-11 Mugdha

  • grey skirt (Inc via Macy's)
  • black shirt (H&M)
  • black pumps w/ white trim (Sofft via DSW)
  • gold chain
  • ring (from India)
  • earrings


Monica said...

Tina -- that pin PERFECTLY goes with that skirt.

Mugdha -- those earrings are to die for.

Lynn W said...

Love the back of your shoes, Tina!

Melissa said...

Your outfit is gorgeous! That skirt is so pretty and I love how you used almost all of the colors with the white shirt, black cardi and red belt. You look fantastic!

just my style said...

Love that skirt!!! Paired with the rest of your ensemble....perfection!

Sirens Sexy said...

I love that pin and skirt, and Mugdah's earlings are amazing!

Savonne said...

Oh, I love this outfit TIna. You accessorize so well

gina said...

I love the detailing on your top! Your friend's earrings are so pretty.

Tina said...

Monica - thanks! It's such a fun pin. I love any excuse to wear it.

Lynn - thanks! They're my "mullet shoes" - business up front and party in the back. LOL

Melissa - thanks!

Sirens Sexy - I know; I totally want to steal those earring right off her ears!

Alissa - thanks! That's a real compliment coming from you, b/c you always look amazing!

Gina - thanks! Aren't those little ruffles so precious??

Secondhand Smash said...

I love your professional, feminine style!

Kasmira said...

The brooch is too precious!