Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sanding Galore

Our "sunroom" is really an old breezeway between the kitchen and garage that was enclosed at some point in time. It's completely covered in wood paneling - even the ceiling. As a result of the kitchen remodeling, we needed to paint the room white to match. That meant lots and lots of sanding of 40-50 years of varnish. Not fun. But here I am with my sanded wall. ooohhhh. Exciting.

What I Wore After Doing Lots of Sanding:

2010-09-27 combo

  • black skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • white ruffle front shell (Target)
  • black ruffle cardi (Target)
  • black pumps (Nicole Miller)
  • diamond necklace (grandma's engagement ring)
  • bracelet (?)
What I Ate To Give Me Lots of Sanding Power:

2010-09-29 food

  • breakfast: Jimmy Dean D-Lights breakfast sandwich, Powerbar, banana
  • lunch: tofu and veggies salad (Greenz)
  • snack: Nutrigrain bar, cheese stick, pear


Brooke said...

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am that you look so put together for all of the remodelling! We are in the process of painting a large part of our house, and I'm tearing my hair out, and looking like a bag lady.

You look great!

Emily Kennedy said...

Wow lady! You kick butt. I have an irrational fear of all the sanding that needs to be done around my house. Some day I'll get to it...

Heidi said... in the world can you sand in those shoes!! I couldn't..and probably wouldn't just bc I'm lazy LOL

Tina said...

Brooke - thanks! I feel your pain about the remodeling. What are you remodeling?

Emily - ha! I hate sanding too. Trust me, it was not fun at all. I think I'd rather repaint the entire house than to have to sand this one room again. Sanding a ceiling by hand was not fun.

Heidi - you crack me up! Can you imagine if I actually wore this to do the sanding? hehehe. I had on grubby T shirts and ratty shorts.

Brooke said...

We are attempting to remodel our kitchen and dining room. The dining room is going far better than sanding the kitchen cabinets! We found out that only our doors are real wood, not the base cabinets--they are veneer. So sanding, priming, staining is a little bit of challenge. :)

Thanks for asking!