Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wonky Walls

Every day after work, I run home, grab Rand, and we head over to the new house to see what the contractors got done for the day. I'm pretty involved in the day to day process, so I am usually there in the mornings too, to give instructions and answer questions. A few days ago I gave the contractor a floor plan with measurements for some walls we are moving. The day after that, he had the walls all laid out on the floor so we could approve them, which we did.

Today, when we stopped by after work, 3 of the walls are incorrect. ARGH. I have a lot of faith in this contractor (family friends who have done work for a lot of various family members) so I am sure there is a reason it is not what I asked for nor what I approved. BUT it really makes me mad that the change wasn't discussed with me prior to building the walls. I am meeting him tomorrow morning, so we'll see what he has to say. In the meantime, I am trying to keep my cool. It's not going very well.

Construction Capsule Day 4
What I Wore While Staring at Incorrect Walls:

2010-08-26 combo
  • purple skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • patterned cardi (Lane Bryant)
  • red pumps
  • red belt (Target)
  • pearl necklace & bracelet (via Goodwill)
  • pearl earrings (?)


Dr. Da said...

Those red pumps are very cute....cuter than the red flats that died recently. Are they comfy too?

Lauren said...

I'm so sorry that the walls were all wrong! What a pain!

But if it's any consolation, you look completely fabulous! I love this outfit - everything works just amazingly! It just flows, if that makes any sense :)

Small Time Style

Sheila said...

Eeeeh, that sucks.

Love the red with these colours! Great choice to pull out of that pattern.

Anonymous said...

T--Will you do a "Tuesday Tips with Tina" segment on organizing pins/broaches? You wear a lot of them and I've recently acquired a few, but I'm struggling with effective storage that also allows me to see what I have (so I'll remember to wear them). Thanks!

Secondhand Smash said...

Love all the colors! :) Also, "wonky" is one of my favorite fun words.

Melissa said...

So sorry about the walls! That's awful. I can't wait to hear what his reason is. You're gonna tell us, right?

I adore this outfit on you. I love the flared hem of the skirt and how you pulled out the red in the shirt pattern with the belt and pumps. You are beautiful!