Thursday, January 13, 2011

OMG Post Office

Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of a package from me knows that it is never on time. I hate going to the post office. I procrastinate like I am getting paid $1M for every day I don't go there. I decided to work from home today, which gave me the perfect opportunity to actually go to the post office during a decent time of day. Good thing too, b/c I had 6 packages to mail out to a bunch of other bloggers and one lovely reader (I'm talking about you, The Other Tina). One of the things getting boxed up was this scarf that Kimberly lent to me. I decided to get another 1/2 day of wear out of it before it went back.

What I Wore While Going To the Post Office, Finally:

2011-01-11 combo
  • black trouser jeans (Avenue)
  • white long sleeve T (a.n.a. via JC Penney)
  • black striped vest (Lane Bryant)
  • black velvet blazer (Old Navy)
  • pink rhinestone brooch (via Goodwill)
  • scarf (borrowed from Kimberly)
  • boots (Diba via DSW)
  • pink circle earrings (Ross??)
What I Ate That Gave Me Strength To Stand In Line For 8 Years:

2011-01-11 food

  • breakfast: spinach & onion omlette, turkey bacon, Alternative bagel, hot tea
  • lunch: cheese toast sandwich, apple, carrot, Progresso light clam chowder
  • snack: banana
  • dinner: crockpot chicken, almond green beans, roasted sweet potatoes

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