Thursday, February 17, 2011

Forgotten Valentine

I'm behind the ball on posting my pics, so this is actually what I wore on Valentines Day. I totally forget to wear red or pink. Yes, I am cheesy like that and color coordinate with the holidays. But Rand and I celebrated V-day on Friday so it slipped my mind. He and I do an every other year sort of thing, where one year it's girly year and the next it's manly year. This was a manly year, so we went out to a burlesque show and I gave him a huge gift bucket of meat jerky. Cuz nothing says manly like dried beef. He was a total sweetie and got me flowers too.

What I Wore That Was Not Romantic:

2011-02-14 combo

  • black skirt (Target, gift from The Other Tina)
  • white blouse (Old Navy)
  • blue fringe scarf (gift from Kimberly)*
  • ladder fishnets (Target)
  • patent pumps (Payless)
  • headband (Target)
  • earrings (Etsy)
* I got a bunch of great gifts from Kimberly in the mail.

What I Ate That Did Not Include BonBons:

2011-02-14 food
  • breakfast: healthy homemade bacon McMuffin, cuties, coffee
  • lunch: sugar snap peas, turkey sandwich, cheesestick, light soup
  • snack: banana, protein bar, carrot & almond butter
  • dinner: homemade artichoke & spinach pizza

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