Monday, March 7, 2011

Work Wear: Monday Blah

Monday, Monday, Monday you kicked my ass. Why must you come around every week?

What I Wore While Hating Mondays:

  • dress (thrifted)
  • cardi (JCPenney)
  • fishnets (Target)
  • necklace (gift)
  • earrings (?)
  • shoes (Nicole Miller)
  • purse (via Ross)
  • scarf (?)
What I Ate While Working Late:

2011-02-28 food
  • breakfast: alternative bagel, mocha, egg
  • lunch: raw tuna and avocado salad, oragnes
  • snack: cheese stick, protein bar
  • dinner: faux chicken parmesan

1 comment:

Kasmira said...

I love that dress. What a find. It's a keeper.