Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Online Shopping Spree: Woman Within

I read the Consumerist every day, and one of the first things they post every morning is a list of store discounts. Today there was one for 50% off one item (WW56393 if you want to use it too. FYI - there is another code on Woman Within's website for 40% off everything, but since I was only getting one item I used the one from the Consumerist). I've never shopped at Woman Within, but I thought I would check them out since that's a pretty good discount.

I picked up this chambray shirt that was selling for $12. The discount code basically negated the $6 shipping. Nice! I forgot to look to see if eBates works with them. Damn.

Woman Within allows you to pay using PayPal, which I think is great!

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