Monday, April 25, 2011

Work Wear: Aqua Overload

Whenever I wear this necklace, I feel like Wilma Flintstone - an aqua Wilma Flintstone. (Today with extra aqua.) Maybe I should cook dinosaur ribs for dinner.

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "You look like a snowglobe. Do you see all the snow? And the snow village down at the bottom."

What I Wore That Is Cartoonesque:

2011-04-05 combo
  • necklace (gift)
  • dress (Target)
  • cardigan (Jaclyn Smith)
  • tights (??)
  • shoes (Nine West via 6pm Shoes)
What I Ate That Was Not a Dinosaur:

2011-04-05 food
  • breakfast: hard boiled eggs, V8, yogurt, orange
  • lunch: leftover risotto, baby carrots, plum
  • snack: banana, Balance bar, cheese
  • dinner: pork, broccoli, couscous w/ capers

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