Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work Wear: St. Patty's Day

So...remember how I was two weeks late posting about Mardi Gras? Well, jere is my St patrick's Day outfit and it's even later. You're impressed, right? I mean, I'm certainly impressed with my promptness. Can I distract you with a very blurry cellphone photo of Elissa and I drinking irish whisky and green beer? Aren't we cute and blurry? I swear we're blurry b/c it was dark inside and not b/c Rand had just done an irish car bomb. Yep.

What I Wore On St. Patrick's Day: 2011-03-17 combo2

  • skirt (Talbots via plus size consignment store)

  • green blouse (Lane Bryant)

  • necklace/ribbon (via Goodwill)

  • rosette pin, used on necklace (Lane Bryant)

  • shoes (??)

  • glasses (c/o Strut)

  • scarf (via Goodwill)

  • earrings (??)

  • shamrock cakeballs & lepruchan (c/o my office)

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