Monday, May 23, 2011

Work Wear: A Tunic Dress Shirt?

I got this great purple tunic to wear to the Texas Style Council Conference. When I picked it up, I thought I would wear it as a dress. It's long enough, but the slip under it is 10 inches shorter than the outer layer, so it was too revealing to wear as a dress. So I slipped on some leggings and wore it as a tunic. But I knew it could be so much more versatile than that, especially given that the material is so thin. Thin material = no bulking bunching under other clothes, so I decided to wear it as an office appropriate blouse today. Honestly, I am loving this look.

What I Wore Under My Skirt:

2011-04-26 combo
What I Ate That Was Raw Fish Goodness:

2011-04-26 food
  • breakfast: V8, Fiber One with yogurt & bluberries, banana
  • lunch: sushi
  • snack: cheese, orange, Balance bar
  • dinner: bangers & mash with a salad

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