Saturday, June 11, 2011

Event Recap: John Frieda Salon Tour

On Saturday, I headed to the John Frieda Salon Tour. They were offering 15 minute consultations and transformations.

The salon is a convertible semi trailor that pops out into a glamorous, full size salon. There are six work stations each equiped with iPads that the stylist uses to email you product "prescription", 2 massive touch screen centers that help you select hair color, a schmancy waiting area and even a reception area.

JFtour combo

I decided to put their skills and products to the test, so I offered them my #1 hair problem - dry, frizzy hair. To really keep them on their toes, I was there on a hot, humid day (which means I was sweating underneath my hair, making things nice a frizzy) plus I washed my hair about 2 hours before the event. On me, clean hair automatically means frizzy hair. I get a nice halo affect around my head on days like this.

The stylist wasn't even moderately fazed (although she comment on how amazing frizzy my hair truly was). She immediately pulled out two products to use on me: Full Repair Deep Infusion and Full Repair Flyaway Tamer. After rubbing the Deep Infusion into my ends and slowly working it up the hair shaft, she hit it with a round brush and the hair dryer, before taming the halo on the top of my head with the Flyaway Tamer (which looks like clear mascara).

The Full Repair line is geared towards hair that has been damaged by heat styling, which mine has not, but my hair is so dry and so long that it was just the ticket. You are gonna be amazed at how different my hair looks. Sleek City!

Before & After:

192 222

I wasn't the only one getting pampered by the talented John Frieda stylists...

Me, Julie of Rosy + Tart, Elissa of Dress With Courage, and Stephanie of Beauty and Gardens
The John Frieda Salon Tour was in Dallas for two days before heading off to other parts of the country. Check to see if they're coming to your town and then head over for a consultation with a professional stylist.

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