Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review: CaciqueBody Body Mist & Firming Lotion

Lane Bryant and Cacique have expanded their offerings to include a new bath and body line of products. It will be available in select Lane Bryant and Cacique stores, as well as online.

The collection includes the following items:
  • Firm Believer *, smoothing body lotion
  • Good As New *, 3-in-1 body wash
  • Spray It Again *, hydrating body mist
  • You Butter Believe It *, pampering body butter
  • Keep It Smooth, anti-chafing cream
  • Revive & Kicking, revitalizing leg cream
  • Shimmer Time, shimmering body lotion

* In the following scents:
  • Pinkberry
  • Citrusfresh
  • Waterblossom
  • Nightbloom

Spray It Again in Pinkberry:

Lane Bryant sent me the smoothing body lotion and the hydrating mist in the pinkberry scent to try out. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't personally wowwed by the scent. Even though the pinkberry is described as a combination of cherry blossoms, raspberry, and peppercorn, I found it to smell more floral than fruity. I  love strong fruit smells, but I'm not a big fan of floral scents, so I was unconvinced. But the very first night that I used the body, Rand went into the bathroom to brush his teeth right after I got finished using the spray. And he immediately came over to me to ask what I had been using in the bathroom because he loved the smell. And if he likes it, then I like it because when I crawl into bed after my nightly beauty ritual, he is who I'm trying to impress. Sold!

I've never used a hydrating mist before. All I know is that you're supposed to use them on flights to keep your skin looking plump and moisturized.And I have really dry skin so that's definitely something I am going to start doing, esp now that I see how much Rand likes this spray.

Firm Believer in Pinkberry:

The scent of the body lotion was not as strong as the mist, which I really liked. Ingredients include seaweed extract, caffeine, and an antioxident blend all of which are geared to moisturize and reduce the appearance of lumpy thighs. I know that caffeine has been shown to have short term plumping properties, but my thighs have too much cellulite to judge how well it works.

But lotion is primarily to help keep moisture in your skin and to keep things soft and silky. And this lotion definitely fits that bill. I have a couple of tests for whether or not something is a "good lotion." Yes, I actually think about these things (currently my hand lotion at work is not a good lotion and I hate it.) First, how does it feel when I am applying it? Is it smooth and creamy? Watery? Oily? I only like smooth and creamy lotions and this falls firmly into that category. Second, how well does it stay on? I know a lotion is high quality when I wash my hands or take a bath hours later and I can feel the lotion having to be washed away because it is still protecting my skin. The Firm Believer lotion does that as well.

Final Thoughts:

So my thoughts are that I love the lotion. It's high quality and does it's job well. I would definitely buy it again and continue to use it. And I'm enjoying the body mist, but it's probably not going to make it into the normal rotation of personal products that I use every day. But that's because body mists just confuse me.

I can't wait to try out the rest of the CaciqueBody line.

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