Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Work Wear: Black, White, and Red

Today I went for completely matching accessories and a very simple look. I really like how the red pops against the black and white. You can really tell why it's a classic color combo. It's simply but very striking. Is it nerdy that I especially liked that on top of the general matchy-matchy color, that the red purse and shoes were both patent? Extra matchiness!

What I Wore That Was Shiny and Red:

2011-07-05 combo

What I Ate That Was Just a Little Burned:

2011-07-05 food

  • breakfast: alternative bagel, cheesy eggs, tangerines
  • lunch: pizza on Flat Out wrap, apple, carrot, Coke Zero
  • snack: blueberries, balance bar,, cheese
  • dinner: cheesy rice casserole
  • dessert: Fruit Crisps

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