Friday, July 29, 2011

Work Wear: Lane Bryant Coral Blouse

I was at work in the afternoon and Rand texted me that it was 91 degrees inside our house. He had just gotten home from work and the A/C was out. CRAP! I don't do well without A/C. I can hang out outside all day long, just sweating up a storm and having a good time, but as soon as it is time to head in, I want some recycled, cold air!! I'm especially crabby if it's time to sleep and it's hot. Seriously, I'm psycho. I can tell the difference between 69 and 70. You know how? I can fall asleep at 69 but not at 70. Yeah, I'm crazy. I know. I really wish it wasn't the case.

So Rand called an A/C guy and I went to Lowes on my way home to pick up a window unit for our bedroom, just in case the central air couldn't be fixed. Plus, I've always kinda wanted a window unit in the bedroom - it makes a nice humming-white-noise-type thing, plus you can make it colder in just one room so you don't have to turn the air in the rest of house down so low at night. Genius!

So now we have both - working central air and a window unit. I'm excited!!

What I Wore To Get the A/C Fixed:

2011-07-07 combo

  • coral blouse (Lane Bryant)
  • brown/cream skirt (Target)
  • grey patent pumps (Steve Madden)
  • white necklace (via Goodwill)
  • grey watch (Tikkr)

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