Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Work Wear: Blue, Green, and Black Skirt

I got a phone call while I was taking my morning photos, and this one that caught me answering the phone was actually my favorite. I rarely talk on my phone; mostly I use it for text messaging, directions, and browsing the internet. Rand is the same way. In fact, both of our phones really suck as actual phones. They are awesome for internet, etc. I find that quite amusing. Do you use your phone as a phone?

What I Wore While Chatting on the Phone:

2011-07-26 combo

  • black tank (Avenue)
  • black shirt (Lane Bryant)
  • skirt (via JCPenney)
  • heels (via Macy's)
  • bracelets (all Lane Bryant)
  • earrings (hand-me-down)
  • brooch (via Goodwill)

What I Ate:

2011-07-26 food

  • breakfast: Fiber One, milk, and blueberries
  • lunch: leftover chicken, orzo, eggplant, and watermelon
  • snacks: carrot, apple, Balance bar, banana
  • dinner: hotdog wraps, sweet potato fries, kale chips, lemonade

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