Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vacation Wear: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

My sister and I took a little road trip to see our parents in Iowa. I usually only get to Iowa about once/year at the most, so it was great to head their way, even if it's only going to be a 24 hour visit. Our parents live on a really large piece of farm land that used to belong to my grandfather (and hasn't been used for agriculture in decades).

One of my cousins lives on another piece of the property and he grows pumpkins in the Fall. So we decided to put the baby in her stroller and to go for a little off-roading walk to check out the pumpkin patch. Of course I didn't bring any appropriate footwear, so I just slipped off my flats and walked in my Crocs.

What I Wore While Checking Out the Pumpkin Patch:

  • black leggings (Target)
  • floral dress (c/o Torrid)
  • cardigan (J. Jill, NWT via Goodwill)
  • shoes (Crocs)
  • sunglasses (?? Target?)

After our walking trip, my sister decided to take some Autumn pics of her daughter. She's a professional photographer, so they turned out amazing. I did a little baby and pumpkin wrangling to help out and my step-mom ran the flash, so it was truly a family activity.


I LOVE the resulting pics. And I can't resist showing off my favorite:

Seriously, is my niece not the cutest? And doesn't my sister take the best photos?!?! (I feel so lucky that I get to commandeer her services for free. Woot!)

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