Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preggo Purchases: Flats

I've completely given up on heels. I had been slowly wearing them fewer and fewer days in the office each week. And I've decided I will not be wearing them at all anymore. I own quite a few flats, but most of them are starting to look worn and aren't the best for my office anymore. So I knew I wanted to get some new flats, but I also knew I didn't really want to run all around town trying to find flats that are comfortable and cute. So I looked at what I already had in my closet and noticed these bright red, patent flats.

I love these flats. They are completely comfortable and since they're so simple, they go with everything.

So I headed over to to see what other colors they had. And then I bought 5 pairs. Yep. I bought  5 pairs of the exact same shoe: taupe patent, gold snakeskin, purple patent, black patent, and black snakeskin. And I am so happy with the decision! I think my feet are set for the rest of my pregnancy - at least for work!


Do you every buy multiples of the same item?
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