Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where'd She Go....?

I didn't mean to disappear for two months, but life has gotten away from me. I had been diligently taking photos of my outfits every morning, but then I didn't have the energy to edit them and write a post at night. Eventually I even stopped taking the photos.

But over the weekend, I was feeling pretty good, so I started going through my old photos. So I thought I would go ahead and post the outfits, even though they're more than a month old. I was about 5 months pregnant here and I was still wearing my regular clothes. (In fact, I am still wearing my regular clothes - just no jeans and some of my tops no longer fit.)

I remember wearing this outfit, b/c I had a doctor's appointment that morning. My OB (who is about my size and age, I think) kept commenting on everything I was wearing. "I love that shirt! Where did you get it?" " Ohhh! Cute skirt! You have to take me shopping." I almost told her about my blog but since it's linked to my baby blog, I decided not to - because I didn't want to limit anything I might want to say about my experience with her on T Plus a Baby just in case she was reading it.

What I Wore That My OB Went Gaga Over:

2012-03-27 COMBO

  • grey skirt w/ back ruffle (Lane Bryant)
  • purple floral satin blouse (Apt 9 via Goodwill)
  • purple cardigan (Target)
  • black flats (Target)
  • opal earrings (antique, anniversary gift from Rand)

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