Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Do All My Pants Suck??

Much like yesterday, today I am wearing another pair of pants that I think I am going to have to get rid of. They look great when I stand still and settle everything into place, and they fit like a dream. BUT. They look so ridiculous when I am walking or moving. They are super-wide leg slacks and creep up between my legs and swish around my calves too much. I love them so much when I look in the mirror, but whenever I wear them to work, I am self-conscious about them. Hoping it was just me being sill, I asked around. Yep, they look weird. DARN!

What I Wore That Only Looks Good on a Statue:

2012-04-04 combo

  • black wide-leg slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • lilac tank (Lane Bryant)
  • spotted cardigan (Lane Bryant)
  • necklace (bridesmaid jewelry from my sister's wedding)
  • purse (c/o Simply Be)
  • earrings (made by my aunt)

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