Saturday, February 28, 2009

Date Night: Brought to You By Ann Taylor

Saturday is usually my splurge day, but I've got plans tomorrow that require a lttle more leniency so the splurge day is being delayed. But that actually didn't present too much of a problem. I did a little advance planning, so we managed to go out to eat for both breakfast (a big weekend treat for us) and dinner. Plus I managed a DIY margarita at dinner. All while staying within my calories for the day.

What I Wore on Date Night:

  • tan courderoy skirt w/ cream embroidery (Ann Taylor Loft)
  • cream tank (Ann Taylor)
  • cream cowl neck sweater w/ bead details (Ann Taylor Loft)
  • argyle socks (Target)
  • brown boots (Cloudwalkers from Avenue)
  • gold braided headband (Gap)
I think that these are all of the Ann Taylor pieces I own. Not really, but most of them certainly. And I'm no sure where I got the sweater and skirt, but judging by the mark on the tags, it must have been some place like Ross or Marshalls. That means I got them for a good price. Yay!


  • breakfast @ Barbec's:1/2 c grits w/ margarine, 1 slice bacon, 1 egg over medium, 1 piece dry whole wheat toast, and coffee w/ cream
  • lunch: 2 turkey hotdogs, cabbage salad w/o oil or nuts, cuties
  • snacks: rice crackers, SoyJoy
  • dinner @ Blue Mesa: Spa Churrascaritas, DIY margartia*

Total Calories: 1769

* Okay this is how I made my DIY margarita aka ghetto margarita. I brought a bottle of Diet Sprite with me in my purse. Then I asked for a shot of tequila, a large glass of ice, and some limes. I put the tequila in the glass of ice, squeezed in two lime wedges, added 1 packet of Splenda from the table, filled the glass with my Diet Sprite, and stirred. It was so delish and light. And the only calories are from the tequila. Basically I took a drink that normally runs at least 600 calories and made it for 150. Not too shabby. I felt a little weird about brining in the Sprite, but not too much. If they kept diet anything other than coke, I wouldn't have bothered. But I think it it made you feel weird, you could just ask for club soda instead and it would be similar.

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