Friday, March 13, 2009

Chipotle is HOT! Who knew?

Today was a little odd. Yesterday I was sent home from work early with the information that my project was finished but they would need us "in a few weeks." Uh huh. Sure. So I boxed up all my stuff and brought it home. On my way home I stopped off at a RedBox to get some free movies, since they are offering free movie codes on Wednesdays (and Mondays) this month. I was prepared for a nice day on the couch watching free movies (you've got to be frugal when you are unemployed).

Then at 9 am I received a text message to come into work at 10. Yay Money! Darn no movies. And I was seriously not prepared foodwise. (Luckily I had my outfit all planned out since I picked out everything for the week on Sunday.) Rand had a coupon for a free Which Wich sandwhich stuck on the fridge, so I grabbed that and the last of my box of Puffins as I ran out the door. Whew. I only worked for 4 hours, so I didn't have to worry that I didn't have any snacks at the office, thankfully.

What I Wore in a Rush to the Office:

  • paisley skirt (Anne Klein)
  • brown long sleeve, v-neck T (Old Navy)
  • navy blue short sleeve blouse (Old Navy)
  • brown boots (Cloudwalkers by Avenue)
  • huge brown patent leather purse w/ gold hardware (Target)
  • brown leather woven belt w/ bronze buckle (?? Lane Bryant??)
  • amber art deco necklace (gift from Rand)
  • lt. yellow earrings - yes, I see that a piece is missing. oops (??)

What I Ate While Not Watching Free Movies:

  • breakfast (250): 1.5 c. Puffins, 12 oz can V8
  • lunch (506): Tomato & Avocado Which Wich w/ provolone and veggies, 2 cuties
  • snacks (235): 1 SoyJoy, 1 black bean brownie
  • dinner (513): 2 oz chipotle chicken, 1 c. wild rice, 1.25 c. spinach/pearl onions/grape tomatoes, 1 glass white wine
  • dessert (185): 5 trefoils, 1 mug diet hot cider, a good book

See that steam coming off the rice. mmmm. It was so hot and yummy. What you see here is actually 4 oz of chicken, which I originally had in my meal plan for the day. But I accidently put too much chipotle spice on the chicken when I was cooking it. And I just couldn't really eat it, so Rand got 1/2 of my chicken.

Total for the Day: 1689 calories, 7 glasses water

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