Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Non-Working Day

No work today. UGH. But I did have a recruiter meeting and a doctor's applointment, so I was planning on taking the day of anyway. But I hope that there is work tomorrow. Otherwise that new Blackberry I purchased today is going to be hard to pay for. Yay New Phone!!

What I Wore While NOT Going to Work:

  • black tulip skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • maroon shortsleeve embroidered blouse (Apt 9)
  • black leather belt (via Kohls)
  • black pumps w/ buckle on heel (Nicole Miller)
  • maroon seed pearl necklace (made by a friend's mom)
  • teardrop multicolored earrings (borrowed)
  • black leather purse (Reaction by Kenneth Cole)
  • black portfolio (from a law firm)
What I Ate on a Non-Working Day:

Total for the Day: 1836 calories

This is a little higher than it is supposed to be, but when I decided to put the whipped topping on my brownies I had forgotten that I had eaten brocolli with dinner. I still consider it be an on-target day.

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Maria said...

LOVE this outfit.