Monday, March 9, 2009

Why Planning Isn't Always Enough

Today clearly demonstrated to me that just planning my outfits in advance isn't enough. I need to actually try them on. I picked these things out and they looked great on the hanger. Then I threw them in my car and went out to the ranch Sunday. Which brings me to today. I got up at 6 am so I could drive back into town (2 hrs) and go t work. Even in my super groggy state I could see some serious problems, like the shell needed to be ironed and is currently too small. So I had to button my cardigan, which I hasn't planned on doing. And the buttons were lose. This was not going well. And I forgot jewelry. And sometime at work I realize that my sideseam on my pants had come loose. And I was covered in cat hair. And everything was rumpled to hell. So planning wasn't enough. I need to actually try things on too.

What I Wore While Being a Total Rumpled Slob:

  • black slacks with tear and cat hair (Lane Bryant)
  • pink/red/green dot shortsleeve shell that is wrinkled and too small (via Ross)
  • black satin ballet flats (via Kohls)
  • yellow clutch (Old Navy)
  • yellow wrinkled cardigan with buttons falling off (Target)
  • earrings & necklace (yep, nice aren't they?)


Maria said...

Actual comment: your purse looked nice :-) Love ya.

Tina said...

Too bad I can't hide the entire outfit behind the purse. Ha!